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Heathen Harvest "Samhainwork II" album available soon + October Obituaries


In keeping with the finest annual traditions, and of those which we are setting ourselves at Heathen Harvest, next month will once again see another all-new Samhain release. Many will have felt the seasons turning by now and the Wheel of the Year giving way to something darker, opening the path for introspection, ritual and reverence. And what better way to mark this than through the literary and auditory arts.

This October, Heathen Harvest presents our readers with the second in our Samhainwork series, which features tracks never heard before by the post-industrial underground. There are unheard album exclusives, as well as tracks written especially by the included artists for the release itself. We have been working with a wide array of artists from all areas that we cover, from those who are well-known and established hands in the scene, to newer members who have already carved themselves a respectable niche.

This year will also see the return of our October Obituaries series, starting on 1st October. A popular twist in the literary calendar, the October Obituaries consist of life-histories written in respect of influential artists who have since passed on, but who have left us with an influential canon. All of these will then be bundled into a final package for download at the end of next month. There are also more surprises on the way as part of the Samhainwork lead-up which will be announced soon.

Heathen Harvest’s Samhainwork II will be free to download from 25th October 2013.