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Oorchach – Vigilia


Circle inside another circle and both of them trapped in a third one. An endless chain of movement transmissions, an endless chain of sound. Like a tiny stone thrown into the immense ocean, you are penetrating layers and layers of fictional stasis, fictional as nothing is actually static or ordinary in our world. And nothing is static in Vigilia, the looping, droning and sometimes even abrasive 30-minute vortex of sound captured by the Lithuanian artist Oorchach and put out on tape by the obscure (also Lithuanian) label Terror.

The Vigilia tape is divided into three pieces. This division, as well as choosing this particular physical carrier, are both great decisions, for if the record was on a CD or just a digital one and the music could be listened to with no pauses, or any other technical interruptions, it could have been quite a dangerous release. Oorchach’s music is extremely addictive, obsessive and intoxicating. It is growing slowly, a development based on loop build ups and layering of circular sounds. Extensions of ideas through repetition which achieves the establishment of endless and extremely deep visions and associations. And this development is divided among pieces, which when combined form an immense and accomplished sonic world, end up closer to a violent yet fascinating ritual than to anything else.

“Vidilia Nervosa” gradually captivates you in its phantom calmness, but at a point its repetitiveness gives up the deceiving sense of warmth for another feeling suspiciously more reminiscent of layers of rope that squeeze tighter and tighter, piling around your throat. In this very same state, somewhere between the verge of desperation and a violent but still meditative cycle, you are held for several more minutes by the rhythmic and heavy “Viglia Nostalgica”. And once it’s over and your trembling hands reach for the deck to turn the tape on side B, you reach not a song, but the total climax of “Viglia Aurora”. The closing piece combines everything that has been subtly mentioned so far. It is a harsh, escalating, massive and extremely detailed ritual which is exhausting for its intensity, but is meant to be experienced in just one grasp for air. One second it is here, and the other it has already disappeared. Like a mouth full of poisonous air; desperate for more, but not capable of getting it right away. It takes you several hours to recover. Then you rewind the tape and you are there again – somewhere in the pale landscape from the front the cover, or maybe somewhere lost in the black of its inlay.

Track List:

A1) Vigilia Nervosa
A2) Vigilia Nostagica
B1) Vigilia Aurora

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Angel S.
Label: Terror (Lithuania) / TR-10 / Tape
Ritual Ambient / Noise