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HEATHEN HARVEST EXCLUSIVE: New Eitarnora Track "You are Mine" Streaming Now!

Val Door (Left)   |   Jon Rosenthal (Right)

Val Dorr (Left)     |     Jon Rosenthal (Right)

Eitarnora return with their signature style of Americana on Tall Grasses and Black Ash; classical guitar stylization woven sung poetry and masterfully crafted ambience. Guest appearances include Troy Schafer and Nathaniel Ritter of Kinit Her and Antonio Gallucci and Francesca Marongiu of Architeuthis Rex. Mastering is courtesy of Nathaniel Ritter. Due out this April on Lakedeer Recordings, Tall Grasses and Black Ash is the duo’s third full-length following Maiden of Golden Hair in 2010 and Murmurations released on Brave Mysteries last year. Tall Grasses and Black Ash continues Eitarnora’s underlying themes of love and prairies with intimate poetry by Val Dorr in addition to lyrics from the Rosa Alchemica by W. B. Yeats. The release will be limited to 100 copies, 20 of which are special editions. Special edition packages come with a limited 3″ CD-R, featuring a recording of Eitarnora’s Milwaukee show, a limited DVD recording of the Milwaukee show, and a glass vial containing black ash and dried grass.

Tall Grasses and Black Ash

“You are Mine” is an expansive, gentle track that is reminiscent of the seasonal ambience that Tor Lundvall has become so known for over the years — this, of course, with a steady trickle of American folk and perhaps even a hint of post-rock a la Sigur Ros.  Emotive waves of warm droning harmony wash over and lull the listener into rural visions of the deep American Midwest; rain clouds pass over, painting the landscape in different shades of green and brown while wildlife simply exists on the periphery as it has since the dawn of our collective memory.  Beauty represented through primitivism and instrumental minimalism.

Listen Here:

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