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Umbah – Enter the Dagobah Core

If something deserves a special mention in the weird yet alluring section of my mind it is Umbah. The band consists of a certain Cal Scott hailing from that outer space known as the UK. Somehow this lunatic solely nails down the foundation for what can only be described as a hybrid of industrial metal and alien electronics with a touch of grindcore. The cover deserves special mention as the funky spawn of space on the front looks like something concocted in the minds of Gieger and Beksinski on acid. All in all Enter the Dagobah Core is an awesome experience that you either love or hate. Personally I have a hard time imagining anyone thinking this album is just ok or average but then again, somewhere there is always an exception.

The music of Umbah is intriguing to say the least. The albums takes of from Whispers Of A Dying Sun – Part I with a mixture of shredding thrash metals on top of morphing electronical bursts of weird sounds and structures. The album is quite chaotic in a few sections yet remains in enough shape to be coherent and the pure legion of sounds is astronomical. There is a certain quality to this music, like a cheerful undertone that flows through the whole album. The music is perhaps not as dark as it is harsh; the buzzing electro works fluently with the assault of guitars and drums. The vocals come in all different styles, from heavily distorted growls to clean harmonies and mechanized bursts of Lingua-technis. I find the pure variation of this album to be its strongest quality; each song feels like a new experience yet manages to tie the album together nicely. Songs such as Dr. Geiger, Hypnotic Implant and Bolderok Naron was the ones that stuck with me fastest, fast, furious and with that delicate line of dark electronic that really crown the chaos tied together. Enter the Dagobah Core is far from light entertainment. This is a challenging album that requires a lot from its listener. The album might come up as to chaotic the first listen through but after a while you find the thin line that ties the sections together and then the 8-bit chaos turns into something beautiful.

Before I heard Enter the Dagobah Core I had no knowledge of Umbah, a band that have apparently released 12 other albums, not including the demos. This is a sad thing that I intend to change with this review. Umbah really deserves more attention being one of the few really unique albums I have come upon lately. Even though this might be a bit much for the ordinary connoisseur of industrial metal to gobble down those with an open mind might find a journey well worth undertaking in the cybernetic havoc that is Umbah. So don’t take my words for it, go check out Enter the Dagobah Core. It is pure distilled space madness delivered raw you’re your enlightenment.

Rate: 4/5

Written by: Skarsnik

Label: I Voidhanger Records (IT) – Format: CD – Cat. #IVR-008
Genre: Dark Industrial Metal