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Nascitari – La Morte e il Principio

Nice release from this Italian Harsh Noise Wall artist on Dr. Alex (Dead Body Collection)’s Victimology Records. As usual, elegant and compact Cdr presentation including a nicely- printed sticker for Nascitari (ITA), and two hours adding up to nearly one hour of Harsh Noise Wall sound. The basic texture and aim of the first track on this release is rushing static wall noise, an unchanging and unrelenting wall comparable to Forced Orgasm or the unstoppable static wall of Vomir. Any release on the Victimology label is worth grabbing a hold of, you will always get material from a top quality HNW artist that is raw and off-the-cuff, completely brutal material. Nascitari is an artist who as only recently passed into my radar, but the material on here definitely stands out from the crowd of other wall noise artists. The texture and presentation has a strength and clarity that shows the attention to detail necessary for creating wall noise that is worth listening to. About fifteen minutes into the first track, you hear some weird vocals/ samples in the form of weird demented talking and screaming… really surprising but fitting with the chaotic and deathly vibe of the release.

The intention of Harsh Noise Wall is often to use sound to confront the infinite and intangible, and on this release Nascitari chooses to focus on the concept of mortality, the transient nature of our life and the reality of our eventual demise. As such, the artwork for this release features black and white photography of what looks like of tombs and mausoleums, contributing to the overall bleak feeling of this release. Although the intention and presentation of this disc is oriented toward an ostensibly harsh and dessicated reality, the effect (like much within the HNW genre) adds u to an overall feeling of calm and peace, of a storm passing through and filling the air with cleansing negative ions. In the infinite and unending static rumble, I find much of the power and energy that I loved when first discovering wall of noise tracks by groups such as C.C.C.C. and Macronympha… this disc has enough power and feeling to evoke the things that really inspired me to start listening to noise… the spark and vitality of new discovery. The excitement and joy created in the sounds here is very tangible and creates an experience of joy in the listener with proper volume is attained. Overall, track one is around forty minutes of prime crunching wall noise with a strong organic static feel that will provide excellent meditation/ concentration aid material for you and your loved ones.

The second track opens with a barely discernible rumble that gives way to an energetic and crackling distortion that breaks through the sound in a disturbing and unexpected manner. This track is very disturbing to concentration and pretty much demands the attention of the listener… a disruptive and violent sound that is quite a surprise after the calming nature of the previous forty minutes. Eventually this coalesces back into a loud and waterfall-like rumble that extends throughout the remainder of the track. This is some serious and heavily-intentioned Harsh Noise wall material that is truly worth tracking down for the discerning listener of material from the Harsh Noise Wall underground. Heavy and powerful material from an artist that is new to me… really enjoyed this one. Good stuff.

Track List:

01) Il Principio E La Morte
02) La Morte E Il Principio

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Joseph Gates
Victimology Records (SER) / 011 / CD-R
Harsh Noise Wall

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