ANTIchildLEAGUE – Big Fat Arse + Shit Baby

ACL - Big Fat Arse 7 inch cover
Journalist Name: ZRG
Artist: ANTIchildLEAGUE 
Title: Big Fat Arse + Shit Baby
Label: Hagshadow 
Cat. #
Format: 7 inch
Genre: Electronic/Noise

Side A:  Big Fat Arse
Side B : Shit Baby

This review comes as a result of my further investigation into the work of Gaya Donadio under the name of ANTIchildLEAGUE stemming from my review of her split single with Schrage Musik  in 2011. ACL has been an active project since 1997 with the first known release to be the 2001 Hellworm Cassette.

Big Fat Arse is an earlier single to the split with Schrage. ACL is strongly linked to the noise/Power electronics scene through support of various acts around the London scene, but in sound ACLis the sonically damaged cousin of the PE scene. There are blasts of noise and pure untreated synth sounds that argue with each other throughout the entire track. The vocals that overlay each other vary from undistorted to being altered in speed and form a more disturbing argument as a result.

The B side Shit Baby pulsates through a whirling vertigo of sound slowly while a dialogue works its’ way through, until the female voice demands ‘Let Me Out!!’ and the music intensifies and exhausts itself midway through yet keeps fighting on whilst hanging on to the bass/keyboard sounds. Everything pulls out allowing Gaya an insanely tinged outburst, the music rests so things can again begin to intensify to higher peaks of rage and eventually end with a flush.

Further investigation of ACL has not disappointed, I like the vocals and peculiar mix of sounds that ACL demonstrates. There’s a strong mixture of violence and comedy, a blast of rage combined with a comedic putdown. The name of ACL dynamically illustrates the core politics of the project; a warped feminism?

Is this a brilliantly sound tracked comedy routine? I don’t know, but I’m truly enjoying trying to find out what’s happening within.

Rating: 5/5

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Categories: Electro, MUSIC REVIEWS, Noise

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