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Triangular Ascension – Sexta Republica

Triangular Ascension – Sexta Republica

Triangular Ascension - Sexta Republica
Written by: Elena ZG
Artist link
Country: flags_of_Venezuela
Label: Saturnoculto Records
Genre: Martial Industrial


01 Tiempo
02 Honor
03 Poder
04 Caida

The good thing is that before listening to this album I hadn’t read anything about it, didn’t make any investigation or research and I didn’t know it was in any way martial industrial. I rather thought it would be dark ambient or a combination with noise, so I had a positive mood when I started a listening.

Now, when I am sitting in the greens and writing this review while giving this album another listen, I realize why this kind of music was born in Europe, where the time is changing and the nature is changing, where winds bring the rains and snow, where nature falls asleep for a long period of time, where the civilization is made of stone and steel, where the drums are martial and the trumpets sing the glory. This music could never be born in evergreen environment, where things are more natural, the rain brings awaited water and the breeze brings awaited freshness, where the drums are soft percussion and people are enjoying light motives of dance music. And here comes the surprise, because the band is from….Venezuela! Triangular Ascension is a one man band, a project by Federico Ágreda Álvarez, who is known for his Dark Drum & Bass act project Zardonic. This time he turned to dark ambient and martial side and gave us a great mini album to enjoy. Sexta Republica is the second release issued on Saturnoculto Records and it can be downloaded for free in mp3 format.

In fact I was listening to it while going through European landscapes on an express train, so the tracks with their motion and speed fit in perfectly with the motion of the landscapes changing each other behind the window. As I already mentioned in the previous paragraph, this music is rather cold, windy and rainy, but at the same time it is glorious, noble and hopeful.

As we know each organism – natural or manmade – lives through a certain amount of stages and the development looks like the waves going up and down. So, there is always the beginning and the rise, then comes the culmination and then the demise and final collapse. And there are always smaller cycles of waves inside the bigger fluctuations. This is applied for humans and also the countries and civilizations and I guess this is what we see on Sexta Republica album. I believe the first track – Tiempo, “time”, is analogy to epigraph, a once-upon-a-time story, showing the general traits of what we are going to see and hear, giving the right mood and inviting us to feel the spirit of the story the album is about to tell. The second track – Honor is the rise of the civilization, it is proud and noble, it is filled with hope and strength, like a young organism, letching for power, full of ideas and ready for the battle to receive what he strives for. The third track – Poder or “power, strength” symbolizes the culmination of the civilization, the highest peak of its development, the enormous power it has, perhaps for enormous that it destroys the bearer of the power till the very core. And here comes the last track – Caida or “Fall”, which is the last stage, the destruction and the death of civilization. But this is the death which is also glorious and proud – this is the spirit that the music we hear never loses. And this death is the beginning for the new power and new world.

Generally, this album is a beautiful and touching ballad and I am sure I will return to it again and again. And again.

Rating: 5/5