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John Zewizz – 2012

John Zewizz – 2012

Written by: Dyonisian Apollo
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Label: Old Europa Cafe
Genre: Industrial/Electro/Dark ambient


01 2012
02 Immortaliy
03 Blackstrap Corset
04 Insomnia
05 Obsession (I want you)
06 Spy Vs Spy
07 Hells Angels
08 Eeciforp?
09 2012 – (Extended Remix)

There is something quite peculiar regarding all the 2012 hysteria, something not quite esoteric or remotely spiritual but just way too human. It’s time, the master of it all. Whenever decrepitude, nihilism, or simply the tolling from the bells of age ring in the ear of man then he starts to see the world from the scaffold perspective, ruining the world with his ruin, crumbling the world with his own imminent demise, tantalizing others with the voice of his mortal perdition. Perhaps 2012 resumes also some kind episode (revisited from other similar moments in history) in which humankind erodes the individual ghetto from their ego, looking around and perceiving a glimpse of their surroundings, surprised to find it way too eerie for their taste as they are accustomed too much to contemplate their own self engulfed in the mesmerism of their narcissistic “individuality”. For once they are at the very pavilion of reality in which the mirror doesn’t reflect childhood fantasies but a hellish horror of a mortal loneliness.

Excuse my digression but I hope it serves as introduction for the release from Mr John Zewizz, the exoteric personality behind Sleep Chamber coming back from the tomb of narcosis and perhaps delivering one of the darkest albums I’ve been in touch with from the vast discography of this band. Although Zewizz pretends to part ways with Sleep Chamber in here, the bones from the monster are way too visible to pass inadvertent. There is the heavy beat striking incessantly, reminding us the heart of the monster, the corrupted voice from Zewizz now sounding almost like a harsh whisper behind the rhythm with outbursts of harsh rage and the minimalist synth lines to complement the core. But still as said before, Sleep Chamber used to be more vivid in its own darkness, more sexual in its own deviancy and their darkness always supposed some Dionysian vigour. But in here all those factors are gone and the more atmospheric elements and minimalist designs remains. There is a heavy feel of 80’s dementia in here and the album as a whole it’s quite less danceable except for both of the “2012” track versions.

Zewizz returns to the old days when basic and elemental synth lines commanded the construction but now the mesmeric loops encircle the listener in its untidy repetitiveness, Zewizz also diverts more in adding his shady voice repeating obscure mantras of self obsession obscured by dirty sampling, echo effect, reverb tuning the listener in this obsequent 80’s rendition to old style analogue industrial. It retains this halo from the most experimental side from this epoch, reviving partially the atmosphere above the beat, wherever it is merely a rhythmic core that is often insipid in itself. In that sense it does differentiate from Sleep chamber indeed. Zewizz its a bit more “experimental” in here although its result its too simple, un-spiced, the old monotony we used to link with wild erotic fantasies in Sleep Chamber, here gets diluted in some sort of delirium that is neither danceable not entirely ambience. Its ok as it is, an experimental album, but lacks the solidity from the opener track that within the sum of all its parts becomes way too differentiated in contrast with the rest of the tracks.One of the darkest if not the darkest album from the master of the Sleep chamber.

Rating: 4.5/5