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Post-industrial News 5th November, 2011

Post-industrial News 5th November, 2011


TENHI’s long-awaited new album “Saivo” is due out on November 25th and can be pre-ordered in three versions, a regular CD, a digipack CD, and an artbook CD+DVD limited to 1,000 copies.  In addition, on this date, we will also see the release of an opulent wooden box set including Tenhi’s collected works on vinyl.  This will be limited to 500 copies and is made of heavy birch wood with an ornated branded Tenhi logo and “The Collected Works”.  Also included in this is a 160-page book including selected full-color and black/white graphics, lyrics, and artwork from all Tenhi releases as well as posters and numbered/signed authentication certificates.  Included are “Kauan”, “Vare”, “Maaaet” 2LP, “Airut:Aamujen”, “Folk Aesthetic 1996-2006” 3LP, and of course the new “Saivo” 2LP.  Available for 149.99 Euro including worldwide shipping.

Get your box from:  http://www.prophecy.cd/

FAUNASABBATHA has recently released a very limited neofolk offering from the project THE DAY OF THE ANTLER called “A Call to Greatness”.  This 3″ CDR limited to 50 copies is an experimental and traditional approach to neofolk, and to take the wyrd factor up to an entirely new level, it features covers of stunning heavy metal anthems from the likes of MANOWAR, IRON MAIDEN, and others.  Upcoming from Faunasabbatha are releases from BURIAL HEX and FOREST.

Available from:  http://www.faunasabbatha.blogspot.com/

STEINLKANG RECORDS is finally making neofolk, martial, and other related genres somewhat affordable worldwide through their newly inducted INDUSTRIAL+NEOFOLK OUTLET STORE which will have 4.90 euro CD’s, LP’s, and DVD’s with cheap shipping on the 1st through the 4th of every month.  In other STEINKLANG news, JANNERWEIN’s new album “Nach der Sehnsucht” is available now!  The album has been released as a CD in a 6-page digipack with an additional 16 page booklet with all lyrics.  After three years, this second album is finally seeing the light of day.  The project has now grown into a quartet that is continuing the musical journey they began with “Abendläuten”.  Also available now is “Honey & Ash” by MIEL NOIR, available as both a CD and a limited wood box with a bonus 3″ CD and 3 honey-scented beewax candles.  Honey & Ash is the debut release from Miel Noir and is comprised of the duo of DIMO DIMOV (STURMPERCHT, SVARROGH) and MARCEL P. (SAGITTARIUS, ALLERSEELEN).  The album has a variety of styles ranging from electronic to gothic rock, dark ambient, industrial and neoclassical music.  GERHARD HALLSTATT also makes an appearance with guest vocals.  Also available are two releases from DISSECTING TABLE, “Industrial Document 1988/91” 2xCD and a split CD with VASILISK, “Saddharma / Tibetan Liberation”.  This industrial noise project should be very well known to the post-industrial underground at this point having prolifically released an array of music through the years on an equally impressive number of labels.  Vasilisk is one-half of the now defunct Japanese power noise duo WHITE HOSPITAL.  Lastly, available for preorder and shipping on November 10th is OSEWOUDT’s “Gelag Van Zwartgeklede Kr.CD”.  This album is being heralded as a potential savior for the currently faltering neofolk scene, but from some album explanations carried on a traditional take on neofolk with melodic guitars, martial percussion, bold strong vocals, and mellow accordion.

All of this can be found at:  http://www.steinklang.at/

Some new arrivals have just dropped off at the OLD EUROPA CAFE, the first of which is a new Digipack from O PARADIS entitled “Carreteras”.  “Roads” in English, this release has a sound more electronic than is usual for Demian’s project, but invites us to drive without fear to the horizons of our deepest longing, to the animist inside of us that flees the speech of men.  Next is “Days that are no more” from THE SONG SPARROWS.  Founded in 2006, The Songs Sparrows are the result of a great passion for late 60’s and early 70’s British acid folk.  After some successful live shows in 2009, the band released a demo in “Rhymes before Spring”.  This led to their release on OEC which thematically follows a love for animals, a respect for mother nature, and a ritual worship of Creation.  A purely animistic view of the conception of the universe.  Last is GNOMONCLAST’s “Gather Together”, the second album of a trilogy that furthers the themes drawn from Tempus Null nearer to a conclusion.  The record features aggressive percussion, orchestral movements and melodic constructions that accompany virulent proclamations.  Featuring LUFTWAFFE and VALENCE members, Gnomonclast hosts a variety of guest musicians from the likes of ART ABSCONS, CULT OF YOUTH, AWEN, FRONT SONORE, and others.  Also, ATRAX MORGUE’s “Paranoia” CD has been re-issued.  This album was originally released in 2000 and has been long out of print.

Available from:  http://www.oldeuropacafe.com/

A new DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED album is now available for purchase and is the mos accomplished and polished piece of work so far for the French Neoclassical / martial artist.  Entitled “A l’Aube des Jours Anciens”, the album picks up where “Remergence” ended after 4 years of work.  The price, including postage is 12 euros with 1 euro paypal fee.

Buy yours from:  http://dawnduskentwined.blog.com/shop

By the end of this year / beginning of 2012, a new single and album by THE JOY OF NATURE will be released.  Also being prepared is the edition of an album by TEATRO GROTESCO.  The new single, entitled “A Ilha que Perdeu o Encanto” contains three new tracks and will be released by NEW APPROACH RECORDS.  The album from Teatro Grotesco will also be released on this label.  The new album will be self-released and is called “My Work was not yet Done”.

More information is available via:  http://thejoyofnature.blogspot.com/

At last, the STONE BREATH / LANGUAGE OF LIGHT “The Ætheric Lamp” split LP have arrived and are shipping.  Artist-signed prints of the cover art will be available soon and pullover hoodies of The Ætheric Lamp t-shirt design will be available upon request.  It should also be importantly noted that the PolyCut lathe manufacturer company has ripped off yet another artist in Stone Breath.  Timothy has released the following statement:  “Speaking of record manufacturers: we contracted a company called PolyCut to make a limited run of 10” lathe cut records for the Stone Breath “Who is Listening?” ep. We paid for the order in full back in July. To date we have received no records and can no longer raise our contact at the company. It appears as if we are out hundreds of dollars AND our records to sell. As you no doubt know, this is a very hard time in the music business and a loss like this is nearly impossible to sustain. We are trying to get a refund through various channels but  it looks like we will be issued a PARTIAL refund at best. Even the partial refund is in question. This really hurts us. I was hoping to make a very nice, very limited ep that could help fund some other projects. As it stands, it looks like the best we will be able to do is to make the “Who is Listening?” ep available as a CDr bonus option with “The Night Birds Psalm” CD (late 2011/early 2012).”  Needless to say, don’t contact these people abotu doing a lathe cut for your record project.  In fact, only contact them on behalf of the artists whom have been screwed over by them.  Stone Breath is still looking for live dayes, a booking agent, and sympathetic bands to play concerts with.  Book them at [email protected]

More information:  http://www.somedarkholler.com/

In other Prophecy Productions re-release news, “Thrones” and “In Europa” from SOL INVICTUS are now available, as is HEKATE’s “Sonnentanz”.

Get them from: http://www.prophecy.cd/


TOURETTE RECORDS have announced the second release in the “We Dream in colour” series, a 7″ from COH featuring LITTLE ANNIE.  This Yellow 7″ is limited to 300 copies.  Little Annie, the ex-DURTRO / JNANA RECORDS cabaret queen meets with the Russian-born sound engineer Ivan Pavlov (COH, pronounced “son”), the abstract ambient dream-themed experimentalist on EDITIONS MEGO.

Get yours from:  http://touretterecords.com

The time has come for a new release series on Germany’s infamous TROUM-member owned DRONE RECORDS, the Drone-mind // Mind-drone Vol. I LP!  This new LP series combines the same artistic approach of the 7″ series with a new artwork-oriented concept.  Each LP will contain four different drone projects and each will feature art from the British painter PETE GREENING.  Each will be limited to 500 copies over 4 different vinyl colors (125 each).  Volume 1 will feature UBEBOET, HALO MANASH, B°TONG, and JARL.  The colors will be solid white, green, gold, and solid orange mixed with black.

Hurry and grab yours from:  http://www.dronerecords.de/

Poland’s wonderful WROTYCZ RECORDS has recently released the first new (relatively speaking) work in 3 years from Peter Andersson’s (RAISON D’ÊTRE) “other project”, NECROPHORUS.  Entitled “Underneath the Spirit of Tranquility” (Redux Version), this album is a painted story canvas for the otherwise unreachable astral world.  Esoteric ambiance creates the soundtrack to an inner voyage of ascension.  Originally released in 1996, this album has now been carefully re-mixed and includes two additional tracks.  Limited to 500 copies.

Available from:  http://www.wrotycz.com/

ANARCOCKS is making available a special bundle consisting of “Biological Exuberance”, “Enoeraew”, and “Chemism”, each signed by MASSIMO & PIERCE, plus a set of BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS postcards.  A digital download of “Unspoiled Monsters / Hidden Gardens” will be available upon ordering.  Available for 50 Euro including Shipping and will begin shipping on December 22, 2011.

Order from:  http://www.anarcocks.com/shop.html

EDWARD KA-SPEL’s “A Pleasure Cruise through 9 Dimensions” is available for pre-order through BETA LACTAM RING RECORDS and will be available on LP, CD, Cassette, and 8-track.  This will be BLRR’s end-of-year limited art edition release.  This will be issued in 200 copies and if you’re not familiar with the name, you should make yourself so through new experiences with THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS.

To be available from:  http://www.blrrecords.com/

FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS has announced the arrival of three new CD albums and a 7″ singles subscription series.  Beginning in December, this subscription series will comprose of 12 7″ records that will include artists SION ORGON, MARTIN KUCHEN, HANNIS BROWN, THIGHPAULSANDRA, TABATA, CIRCLE (remixed by ANDREW LILES), THEME (with JEAN-HERVE PERON and ZSOLT SORES), AIDAN BAKER, IRR. APP. [EXT.], ELIOT BATES (CURRENT 93), and one more artist to be confirmed.  Each will be limited between 250 and 400 depending on the artist.  If you subscribe to this, you will receive an exclusive thank you gift once the series reaches its conclusion.  Each 7″ will be available for 5.50 GBP plus postage individually, 35 GBP + postage for half of the series, or 50 GBP for the full series.  Also available is the debut album from STEVE MARCIANO, “Binaural Plastic Recordings”.  This Berlin-based artist from Spain has offered a work comprised of two lengthy ‘suites’, combining improvisation, electroacoustic compositions, jagged atmospherics, unsettled textures, and broken melodies similar to early THE RESIDENTS.  Also finds comparisons to NURSE WITH WOUND.  MALEGYS has also released a new effort through Fourth Dimension entitled “Coming Events Cast” their Shadow Before”.  Considered “Pagan Electro”, this Britsh-turned-Belgian musician builds shimmering twilight textures, tones and drones encapsulated perfectly by the title of the record.  Limited to 400 copies.  Next is SASHASH ULZ with “Chtenie”.  This is the follow-up to two extremely limited tapes and will be Alexander Shevchenko’s debut on CD.  The release comprises of improvised organ and guitar pieces with field recordings and warm, earthy tones.  Limited to 400.

All releases can be found at:  http://www.fourth-dimension.net/

New from German M.M LABEL is a new picdisc from THORSTEN SOLTAU & and MARGITT HOLZT.  This 12″ collaboration is limited to 100 pieces and features the abstract ambient strangeness that the label has become known for.

Available from:  http://aemag.virb.com/

RAZZLE DAZZLE has offered up two new releases, first by German visual and sound artist MICHAEL BARTHEL.  “Noch mehr Hohlen” is a cassette limited to 40 pieces, a prolific work of uncluttered and rough sound transmitting the stretching of time.  Also available is RUBEN PATINO’s “Eleven Stereo Movements”, another cassette limited to 40 pieces.  This Spanish experimentalist is a laptop performer and has a sound akin to hyper-energetic algorithmic compositions which comes with a reputation for deliberate sound excess.

Get yours at:  http://www.razzle-d.com/

ULTRA-MAIL PRODUCTIONS will be releasing a RAPOON multimedia boxset entitled “In this World” that is limited to 250.  This project will contain the “In Time Past” LP (180 gram color vinyl), the “Deep in this World” CD and the “In this Moment” DVD.  Also included is a postcard set and a folded poster.  The first 100 boxes will also come with 1 original unique artwork and one mono-print by Rapoon.  The first 100 will also come with a hand-signed certificate and with a Bonus CD, “Forget in this World:  Live at Klanggallerie / Vienna May 28th, 2000”.  To be out in December / January.  Also to be available is a 4-disc boxset from COLIN POTTER (has worked with NURSE WITH WOUND, CURRENT 93, and many others.)

For more information, contact:  [email protected]

DENOVALI have been hard at work getting a slew of new releases prepared for you.  First up are two new released from THISQUIETARMY, the first of which is “Resurgence” 2xCD / 2×12″+7″, and “Unconquered” 2×12″ (limited to 300 copies).  This shoegazing drone project has released some of his most varied work with Resurgence utilizing elements of post-rock, post-punk, psych doom and industrial, krautrock, and psych influences, while Unconquered has seen a vinyl re-release.  Next are two new releases from THE DALE COOPER QUARTET, “Metamanoir” CD / 2×12″, and “Parole de Navarre” 2×12″ (200 copies repressed on milky clear vinyl).  This dark jazz cabaret is seeing its second full-length release through Metamanoir, a work which features guest vocals from Gaelle Kerrien (YANN TIERSEN).  These releases are for DAVID LYNCH as well as lovers of THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE.  Also available are two new releases from HIDDEN ORCHESTRA, “Flight” 10″ / 2×10″ (no repress, 300 copies for the latter), and “Night Walks” 2×12″ (3rd repress, limited to 300 copies).  The “Flight” EP is out on November 7th, and this is the official single from the Edinburgh-based quartet Hidden Orchestra.  Their stunning debut, “Night Walks” was co-released by Denovali and TRU THOUGHTS in September.  This quartet are largely based around percussive elements paired with strings, piano, bass and samples of composer JOE ACHESON.  Lastly is a release from HEIRS entitled “Hunter” CD / 12″.  This is the third album from Heirs, and sees them strengthening their melodic resolve while equally intensely inhabiting a less oppressive atmosphere.  COCTEAU TWINS and SISTERS OF MERCY have been cited as influences.

Get all of these and more at:  http://www.denovali.com/

Out now on EE TAPES is a new release from Italian noise / ambient legend MAURIZIO BIANCHI.  This album is limited to 300 copies and is entitled “Hibernum”, thematically just in time for Winter!

Get yours for 10 Euro + S&H from:  http://www.eetapes.be/

New from K11 (Pietro Riparbelli) is “He Tries to come to us”, an audio-visual performance and demonstration of an investigation carried out in the former mental hospital, St. Jerome in Volterra.  This investigation had a particular focus on the work left from the intern Nannetti Oreste Fernando N.O.F. who for years scratched the plaster in the courtyard, writing and drawing a complex history that at first seemed meaningless but is directed specifically at someone.  His work was only finished with the exhaustion of the wall.

More information:  http://www.pt-r.com/

Out now on BASSES FREQUENCES are two long overdue releases, the first of which is a collaboration between YELLOW6 and LARKIAN called “Offtempo”.  This 6-panel digiCD is released in cooperation with THREE:FOUR RECORDS. The collaboration follows up two previous collaborations for Yellow6 on the label, both with THISQUIETARMY, and this is in fact Larkian’s first forte into the world of Basses Frequences having mostly released on DEAD VOX previously.  Both artists are guitar experimentalists much like Aidan Baker.  Second is DUANE PITRE’s “ED09 for String Ensemble” LP.  This release is purely analog and features CAMERA OBSCURA’s ex-guitarist.  Sure to please the abstract and minimal guitar experimentalist in you.

More info:  http://www.bassesfrequences.org/

CYCLOBE have offered up a track for the ABRAXAS JOURNAL publication, specifically “Sleeper” from “Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Wound”.  Also featured is a track from JOHN CONTERAS of CURRENT 93.  The project is also working on an extended CD edition of last year’s “The Eclipser” 7″, originally released by DOT DOT DOT, as well as a new record for Autumn 2012 entitled “The Moths of Pre-sleep”.

More information available at:  http://www.cyclobe.com/

News from PROJEKT RECORDS includes a 25th anniversary 2xCD edition of “The Rope” by BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL.  This will include a second disc of cover songs of the original version by artists such as ERIK WOLLO, LUX INTERNA, ATTRITION, FORREST FANG, ALL MY FAITH LOST… and more.  Also available is SAM ROSENTHAL’s solo ambient effort, “The Passage”.

Get either at:  http://www.projekt.com/

AU VOL has released their second effort, “Apothecary”, this time taking their blend of found sound, live instrumentation and digital derangement in a darker direction.  Between heaving waves of drone and noise are glimpses of clarity.  Limited to 101 tapes.  Released on BROKEN TESSITURA.

Available as a free download after selling out:  http://brokentessitura.co.nr/

IKUISUUS has released 3 new albums including 1 special edition.  The first is ANTONY MILTON & ANLA COURTIS’ “Bronze Age Subway” LP (+ Bonus CDR for the special edition).  This is a fruitful meeting of two very consistent mainstays in the Southern drone hemisphere.  The recordings took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina when Antony recently was on a trip to South America.  Top shelf trans-continental drone.  Available in an edition of 260 copies.  Co-released with GOLD SOUNDZ.  Also available is a self-titled LP from RAMBLING BOYS and a CDR entitled “Cayleper” from BOOK OF SHADOWS.  On the latter, Cayleper is the 22nd full-length album released by Austin, Texas project Book of Shadows.  Formed in 1999, the project started out making magical, experimental recordings as a non-rock outlet.  The album features 7 songs written and engineers by guitarist Aaron Bennack, highlights be his multi-tracked keyboard piece “Kresnayarsk”.

You can find these and more at:  http://www.ikuisuus.net/

N. has released a very limited double 12″ on clear vinyl on DENOVALI.  Limited to 100, “Carrissals” now joins warm and dark drones with field recordings found by basque artist TZESNE, cuasing a music that seems to be drowned in a strange bright light.

Available from: http://www.denovali.com/


In COLD SPRING related news, BURIAL HEX will be leaving the comforts of the US to play two shows in November in London and Brighton.  Also, IRON FIST OF THE SUN and VOMIR are teaming up for a 3-date tour through the UK.

More information at:  http://www.coldspring.co.uk/

ACTUARY and ADERLATING have teamed up to collaborate on a new release on a split C20 Tape limited to 100 copies called “Curses and Conspiracies”.  This is a piece that delves both into the worlds of putrescence and elegance, described only as “beautifully wretched noise”.

To order:  http://actuarysound.com/2011/10/08/curses-and-conspiracies-new-split-c20-with-aderlating/

New from LIGHTEN UP SOUNDS is a whole host of 8 new releases, so we’ll move through explanations quickly.  First up is “Tirehouse Tapes Vol. 1” by DAIN DALLER, obviously released on Tape in C48 format.  Daller was part of the Chicago-based electroacoustic group TINY MUSIC, but these days keeps himself busy in the desert of New Mexico building a house out of recycled automobile tires.  He plays remarkable non-music without instrumentation, with snippets of crackling vinyl and magnetic tape, radio static, air compressors and whatever else he can drag out from the tool shed.  Edition of 50.  DAVID CINTRON is next with “No On”, a digipack CDR that has been plagued by production errors.  Crystal gazing and ritual smoke meditations make up the personality of this Cleveland based artist/musician as he delivers solid chunks of skewed sonics, most recently with avant-rockers TERMINAL LOVERS and SCARCITY OF TANKS.  Wave upon wave of ethereal synth wash and sweeping drones, clanking metal, and spidery guitar tones.  Edition of 100.  Next is a C30 tape from FLESH COFFIN, “The Beast won’t go to Sleep”.  Another deeply distressing session of abrasive scrape and rumble from Andreas Brandal of Bergen, Norway. What he presents here as “The Beast…” is a powerful addition to an already impressive canon. Boku bad dream vibes. Four tracks of harsh and destroyed sound that keep both feet planted firmly on the extreme side of the line.  Edition of 33.  THE HERMETIC TRIO have released a self-titled effort on C24 tape that features massive reverberating steel vessels and rumbling splintered reeds.  Project includes members of KARAMAZOV TAPES, WEIRD MIX, THE ALTERS, 3 MOONS, and a mysterious third member known only as “Adam”.  crude improvisations recorded in an underground cavern, deep beneath Providence.  Huge and abrasive weeping tones duel in a battle between zurna and clarinet, while rhythmic tone pounds and stomps.  Edition of 50.  KIMMIE DIX AND THE DOOMIES follow suit with a self-titled C30 of raw and twisted basement lounge.  Kenneth Gerard Painter Jr., one-third of LORD BIRD GOLDEN COBRA, shares a singularly skewed vision with his carefully chosen friends and family.  Anti-everything, anti-nothing.  Deeply strange collection of lo-fi noise, live feedback squalls, drum scuzz sessions and unintelligible jibberish.  Edition of 33.  MOLE HOLE next offers a VHS(!!!) entitled “Wedge”.  This is an all analog audio / visual document of a casual spelunk into the semi-stinky cavern of the not quite tangible Mole Hole.  17 minimal minutes of electroacoustic noise blather and flicker-fade.  Edition of 50.  SAM GAS CAN & THE CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS DEFAMATION LEAGUE have released “Life on Earth is Pure and Golden, Life on Earth is Hell on Earth”, a C24 tape that packs a respectable ten songs into 24 minutes.  With this, Sam Gas Can returns with a series of pseudo-techno bedroom lounge and lonely and depressive acoustic murder ballads.  Edition of 50.  Lastly is THREE WALLS with “Radio One” b/w “Radio Two” on C60.  Three Walls is a collaborative effort between 3 MOONS and BLOODWALL members.  This one has been released collaboratively with 2208 TAPES and contains slabs of abstract improv and reeking weatherband gurgles.  Available in two versions, on of 20 translucent red C60 casettes and one of 20 C62 tapes.

Get the whole lot for $45 or individually at:


FERAL DEBRIS FANZINE ISSUE 5 (+ CDR) is out now and includes interviews with STARE CASE, GRAHAM LAMBKIN, ELI KESZLER, and GERRY AND THE HOLOGRAMS.  Includes an interview with SCOTT TRELEAVEN and thoughts on THE NEW BLOCKADERS, as well as art and photography from STEVE SKWAREK and SIAN MACFARLANE.  CD-R contains new and exclusive tracks from NACHT UND NEBEL, USURPER, PRESLAV SCHOOL OF INDUSTRY, BRITTLE FOUNDRIES, ABYSSES, and INNER CITY.

Get yours from:  http://feraldebris.blogspot.com/

Two new tapes are now available from STRANGE RULES, first from DEFLOWERED HEATHER entitled “Pursuit of Desire”.  This release is dense European industrial with droning synth and feedback.  Edition of 25.  VASE has also released a tape, the second edition of “Terminal”.  This projects contains trace elements of punk, noise, and grind & black.  Lo-fi blasts of lamented youth.  Edition of 14.

Available from:  http://strangerules.bigcartel.com/

Out now from LIVE BAIT RECORDINGS is a split 7″ from DEFILER and MURDEROUS VISION.  First edition is 100 copies on heavy vinyl with two tracks of old school death industrial w/ pro-print covers and insert.  $10 + S&H.

Order from:  [email protected]

New from FUSTY CUNT are the following, all $6 PPD US.  HATE BASEMENT – “I don’t know any Strippers that are Alive” C10 tape, the debut from this new Chicago-based Harsh noise / Power electronics act.  Members of BONGRIPPER and CSTVT.  DEVELOPER is next with a C30 S/T harsh tape collage.  Hailing from Dayton, this is arguably Developer’s best work yet, very focused and very precise cuts.  Comes wrapped in caution tape.  PLAGUE MOTHER hits next with “Heave”, a C20 of Cleveland-based power electronics that is themed on eating disorders, specifically bulimia.  Disturbing samples coincide perfectly with harsh static and tonal mind-numbingness.  SATURN FORM ESSENCE take up the reigns next with “Remembrances of Space”, a C77 Tape of low frequency space drone / dark ambient.  Russian-based, this project is sometimes harsh but mostly beautiful.  Lastly, CUSTODIAN closes the evening with “Faults in the Structure”, a C10 of devastating work, meant as a companion to the recent split LP with Mania.

Paypal:  [email protected]

PERIPHERAL RECORDS has announced its third release with IRON FIST OF THE SUN, a 7″ called “Embers / Bedroom is Human”.  IFOTS continues the Lady Di obsession with a single that encapulates the power electronics we know and love combined with some dark bleeping analog ambiance and synth that comes straight from the explorations of the likes of THROBBING GRISTLE.  Edition of 277 copies.

Available from: http://www.peripheralrecords.co.uk/

A few new updates from FREAK ANIMAL RECORDS.  First is BIZARRE UPROAR’s “Viha & Kiima”, a new CD/LP that has been co-released with FILTH & VIOLENCE.  This release follows the current style that Bizarre Uproar has been on for the past few years as well as on the “Mustay Rotta” 7″.  GRUNT / TAINT come together for a split CD entitled “Schoolyard Bruises”.  This highly anticipated re-issue of the 2003 vinyl version is the bands’ most aggressive and fierce effort into power electronics fueled with rough noise.  CD version includes a long bonus track from a bonus track from a 3″ CDR that was included with the original 41 copies of the first LP.  CLOAMA also makes an appearance with this new slew of releases with “Municipality of Marionettes”, a new LP of exceptional and innovative noise-oriented drones with guitars, rhythms, and aggressive vocals with grim distortion and cold noise.  Captured on reel-to-reel recording that provides an organic sound.  Lastly is noise’s old friend HAL HUTCHINSON with the “Corrupted Scrap” LP.  This new album consists of two studio scrap metal recordings that utilizes the “Factory of Metal Sound” approach and allows for the recordist to assemble a sonic machine of industrial products.

All are available by going to:  http://www.cfprod.com/fa

A new co-released split from PHAGE TAPES and FUSTY CUNT RECORDS is now available involving the projects PHARMAKON and DETERGE.  This 7″ entitled “.– .- -. -” shows two sides of bleak power electronics totaling 11 minutes.  Jacket has been designed by Jim Haras.  Pharmakon is the solo project of Margaret Chardiet whom has previous releases on BLOODLUST!, CALLOW GOD and THREE SONGS OF LENIN.  She lives at the Red Light District where projects like YELLOW TEARS, HALFLINGS and CATHODE TERROR SECRETION spend a lot of time.  Deterge is a new alias of Jim Haras that has evolved into a dynamic P.E. project that utilizes harsh noise, synth and creepy vocals.  His part of the 7″ focuses on degenerate fetishism of strange objects of ideas.

Available from:  http://www.phagetapes.blogspot.com/

New from FRAGMENT FACTORY is a three-way split special edition release from JOHN DUNCAN, MICHAEL ESPOSITO, and Z’EV.  The release is entitled “There must be a Way Across this River / The Abject” and is a special edition of the regular LP which was released some time ago.  This has alternative sleeves and cover art, is hand-assumbled with a label logo stamped on both sides of the inner sleeve and is hand-numbered to 50 copies.  Available for 24 euro post-paid.

Get yours while they’re still available:  http://fragmentfactory.com/catalog.html

After some massive delays from the manufacturer, PIERROT LUNAIRE’s “Exercise in Futility” C30 tape is finally available from SEMATA PRODUCTIONS (as well as two other releases that we’ll get to shortly.)  Heavy sax chops shuffled in with found sound collage, ghostly vocal incantations, cheap keyboard acrobatics and a really proficient and expertly executed sense of digital editing.  BELARISK have also released a new tape in C34 format, “II”.  This secound mournful congregation of synthesized experiments is formulated as raw, synthesized “emotional” music, but also with end-time themes.  Clean structures bubble over with caustic sounds and mutant melodies.  Lastly is “Profess” by ALVARS ORKESTER”, a C45 tape from Jan Svensson (FRAK, BORFT RECORDS) and Joachim Nordwall (SKULL DEFEKTS, IDEAL RECORDINGS).  These two have been recording and performing as Alvars Orkester since the late 80’s and have amassed a modest discography.  Versatile and inspirational, the project moves around dance music templates, abstract and cold electronics, droens, noise rock, etc.  All three tapes are in an edition of 100 and are available for $7.00 PPD US / $9.00 PPD World.

See the website for more info: http://www.semataproductions.com/

Out now on AMEN ABSEN in an edition of 330 LP’s is HOBO SONN’s “Wary the Mind”.  This long-awaited sophomore effort is constructed using electronics, effects, piano, sampler, mixer, field recordings, etc.  This audible voyage meticulously weaves together seemingly random reference points into a cohesive yet perplexing whole.  Processed feedback, tape hiss, static, muted drones, and signals of disintegrated sound seep in like a new breath and then recede leaving near silence.  The first 120 copies include a bonus CDR featuring a bonus track unavailable anywhere else.

Available from:  http://www.rottenslushy.co.uk/

DIATRIBES (WINTER IN OSAKA / HARPPON) and ZZ (RL:ZZ, GORGONTONGUE) team up on this C30 tape entitled “Three Studies on the Failure of Language to Comprehend Experience”.  This is an extremely DIY release, self-released and focusing on the philosophy itself of DIY.  This contains 2 Diatribes tracks of low menacing drone with unconventional percussion and the ZZ half contains guitar-driven drone.  Self-described as owing a lot to LOCRIAN and later-era EARTH.

Get yours:  [email protected]

New from SECOND SLEEP are three new releases, first from JUSTIN MEYERS entitled “Resonating Upon Harmonic Ground” 1-sided LP.  This Minneapolis-based artist offers a beautiful track of musique concrete and analog synth.  Exploring the interaction between field recordings and simple sine waves, the result is a perfectly balanced suite, where the single elements lose their origins in favour of composition.  Edition of 150.  KRISTIAN OLSSON is next with “Såg Vid Såg Jag Såg,” a C46 Tape.  After the terrific “Att Vara Där Jag Var Innan Jag Var Jag” LP of the previous year, Kristian Olsson (ALFARMANIA, STYGGELSE) return with a new solo album.  “It is a release with conceptual focus on the early stage of wood industry in northern Sweden with sawmills of sundsvall and also tribute to the evil vibes that rests in our soil.” –Kristian Olsson.  The last release is a double-tape (C21+C30) from VIRILE GAMES entitled “New Legion”.  Previously known as VIRGIN SPRING, this “new” project works with a claustrophobic mix of basement concretism, field recordings and dense electronics.  Edition of 80.

You can find these releases at:  http://www.secondsleep.org/

There is a 3-way split Harsh Noise Wall CDR out now from [C.T.D.] (Serbian harsh noise from DEAD BODY COLLECTION member), EARTH INCUBATOR (first HNW track from this Russian industrial/noise artist), and SMRZNIK (HNW project from Bosnia and Herzegovina, ZVUKOVINA member).

Only available for purchase through discogs:  http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?release_id=2854282&ev=rb

Out now on DYNAMO SOUND COLLECTIVE is  c20 Tape from HUNTED CREATURES entitled “Summer Tour 2011”.  Edition of 50, Summer Tour 2011 was sold on tour in five east coast cities.  Mixed by Ryan Emmett and Micah Pacileo from recording sessions, practices and live shows.  Artwork also by Micah Pacileo.

Paypal:  [email protected]

New from YDLMIERTAPES are four new releases.  First is “Mooncusser” from HIGH AURA’D, a C32 of dark guitar drone.  Alienating cold spherical worlds and lush canyons and landscapes.  Art by Terence Hannum.  Next is EUGENE THE JEEP’s “Clock Crowd”.  This C20 is a very strange debut with warbling tape concoctions, melted plastic pieces and weaving tempos.  PATRICK EMM offers up a C24 called “Trash Playback Forms”, a dark blend of damaged field recordings, contact mic crackle, and raw circuits.  Lastly is SYMPTOMATIC’s “Failed State”.  Two parts from an ongoing collaboration piece by Steve Norton (reeds) and Vic Rawlings (electronics) focusing on the border between noninteraction and coexistence.

Available through:  http://www.grydcomplex.org/ydlmier.html

Out now as a CDR and free download from TWILIGHT LUGGAGE is “Threnody for Gus Remolten”, a sonic epitaph by CONSISTENCY NATURE (Dishdawash Arnett).  The album honors the eponymous noisemaker with a collection of utterly strange and unsettling soundwork.

Download the album for free or buy the CDR here:  http://twilightluggage.com/rel/TLMP51

UNLIMITED DRIFT have announced a slow of releases recently at the end of October.  First is a split C30 from CONCRETE THREAT and [UNTITLED].  Contains two sidelong walls, one harsh, one ambient.  Edition of 23 at $7.00.  Another split comes next with a C90 from HERAGHTY and WEREWOLF JERUSALEM.  Contains two masterpieces of tense, minimal noise.  Patient, dense and rewarding.  Edition of 23 at $8 PPD US.  THEWHITEHORSE make the first full-length offering with “An Eternity of Black and Red”, a 2xC90 containing three solid hours of weird, unsettling studies in texture in the form of noise walls.  Edition of 15 in a vinyl box.  $15 PPD US.  ROUGH SEX QUARTET and LAST RAPE are next with a 2xCDR split, one disc each from each HNW stalwart including more than two and a half hours of violent, ill-mannered walls.  Edition of 31, $12 PPD US.  TSALAL offer up “Blessed is the Seed that is Planted Forever in Darkness” next, a C30 debut from this ANW offshoot of IN THE LAND OF ARCHERS.  This is a dense, layered ink-blot test of atmospheric wall noise.  Features Sean Erin Matzus (THEWHITEHORSE, [UNTITLED], LAST RAPE) and Vance Osborne (BLACK LEATHER JESUS, MUREX, PRIEST IN SHIT).  Edition of 23.  $7 PPD US.  Last is a new full offering from WEREWOLF JERUSALEM.  “Red Eye” is a C30 reissue of the 2007 cassette, featuring classic harsh noise with tension and texture.  This edition features an extra side of noise.  Edition of 21, $7 PPD.

Visit here for more info:  http://unlimiteddrift.blogspot.com/

From the Irritant series on TOXIC INDUSTRIES comes “HNW is not Dead”, a CDR limited to 33 copies from BLEAK EXISTENCE that features, obviously, harsh noise wall.

Available from:  http://www.toxicindustries.net84.net/

Now available from LIVE BAIT RECORDINGS is a split 7″ from DEFILER and MURDEROUS VISION.  This first edition of 100 copies on heavy vinyl contains two tracks of old school death industrial with pro-printed covers and an insert.  $10+$2 S&H US.

Get yours here:  http://www.livebaitrecording.blogspot.com/

A new batch of releases has been announced from MONSTRES PAR EXCES as their “2011 batch”.  First is a split from CALIGINE and 余益裔 entitled “Verbi e Riverberi” that comes from the cold plains of Shandong, Caligine.  This short diary contains tape hiss, out-of-tune steel guitar, field recordings, and radio sound from Caligine.  On the other, fragments of displaced field recordings, folk reverbs, subdued white nosie and solitary bass.  FEMALE EDITION and REZAIONE SUINA are next with a split that hails the new wave of Italian grassroots noise.  Female Edition builds up a crescendo from recursive guitar arpeggios and overlapping drones to sunken distortions and convulse picking. Reazione Suina complements the mood with a funereal swathe of churning feedback and soaring hainesque guitars. Temple music for a suburban ritual. Thirdly is a collaboration between ISTITUZIONI AMBIENTI NATURALISMO and 洪启乐 entitled “Disgiunzione #1”.  This is a new serious from MPE that hopes to encourage cross-boundary cooperation.  Musicians are required to improvise together without overdubs or excessive planning, trying to explore the space in each other’s sound.  Drone architectures and acoustic guitar meets violent turntable manipulation and contact micing.  The second edition in the series is from Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo and THURSDAY CLUB.  Hailing from Cleveland, Thursday Club features vicious walls of noise that collide directly with the junk samples and glassy drones by IAN.  It’s a play of resonances and accumulation, overflowing with static.  Last is the only full-length in this batch, Venta Protesix’ “Sensual Prostate Massage”.  This is Japanoise that crosses the boundary of mere repetition and becomes the deconstruction of an imagined genre.  Laptop worship, glitches, bitcrushed hiss and digital clips.

All of these and more available through:  http://www.monstresparexces.com/

3 new releases are out now from WENDYPRODZ.  First is a new 7″ from MAMMAL entitled “Going Back”.  Containing two new tracks of psych industrial, Mammal continues his work from “Lonesome Drifter” in this perfect single.  Limited to 150.  SISSY SPACEK is next with the “Anti-clockwise” 7″.  From the same session of Dash LP, side A features 17 new short hyperactive bursts of the finest extreme noisecore.  For this, LASSE MARHAUG joins the core duo of JOHN WIESE and CORYDON RONNAU.  Side B captures a live event from Baltimore in March 2010.  Limited to 150.  ALLEYPISSER are last with the “Kvalt” 7″+C38.  Contains amplified metal, electronics and tapes from Denmark.  Alleypisser takes inspiration from Italian industrial gods like M.B. and MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA.  Packaged in a reel-to-reel box with insert.  Limited to 100.

More info can be found at:  http://wendyprodz.altervista.org/

3 new tapes are out now on HAIR ON MY FOOD!  The initial offering is a split C20 between FICKDICHINSKNIE and INSOMNIAC.  Limited to 48 copies, this split is full of harsh noise and power electronics.  DISLEKSICK and HUMAN EXTERMINATION PROJECT are next with a C30 limited to 64 pieces of feedback drenched noisecore meeting misanthropic musique concrete.  HARSH SUPPLEMENT and I DIED take up the last spot with a split C16 that is limited to 51 copies.  HS blast out heaps of dirty noisecore while I Died response with ear-shredding harsh noise.  All available for $6 dollars.

E-mail orders to: [email protected]

THE NEW BLOCKADERS are back with a 20th antiversary edition now available on cassette, a re-edition of “Simphonie in X Major” originally issued on LP n 1991.  In an edition of 200, this is “one of the most important recordings from the modern noise canon by one of the most consistently impressive acts in Noise.”  –Newness Begins Here  Available for 8 GBP + S&H in the UK.  Ask for prices elsewhere.

Paypal:  [email protected]

Available now is CONTROL VALVE #30, a digital release from ABUSIVE CONSUMER entitled “Define Divine”.  All sounds on this release are made from the manipulation of samples in Audacity taken from field recordings, raw data, synth jams, and sound fx records.  Manipulations were done with a nod to the early days of tape composition using transposition, filtering, reverb, ring modulation, delay and various forms of synthesis.

Download:  http://www.controlvalve.net/

New from label AMETHYST SUNSET is an LP/CD from SEAN MCCANN entitled “Sincere World”.  “Open Resolve and The Capital, both cleverly laced with swirling filter manipulation and confounding superimposition of manic and sloth-like compositions, exposed us to a more playful side of McCann’s persona. These works are on the surface a bit zany, but deeper down they still maintain a charming character—something that draws the listener in magically. Sincere World is the somber younger brother to these two.” –Michael Jantz.

Available from:  http://www.amethystsunset.net/

Now available from the TURGID ANIMAL ITALIAN DIVISION is WAPSTAN’s “Winter Ave Zoli” C30 tape which contains dirty Nordic harsh noise from Montreal, Quebec.  The man behind Wapstan is the owner of the legendary BRISE CUL RECORDS.  Available for 5 euros plus postage.

Get yours:  http://www.nicolavinciguerra.com/turgiditaly.html

Here at Heathen Harvest, we try to support great writers from around the world, not only those whom are a part of our collective bubble of journalists.  Here you’ll find a cover story about the paranormal researcher/sound artist MICHAEL ESPOSITO whom has collaborated with FM EINHEIT, BRENT GUTZEIT, JOHN DUNCAN, Z’EV, LEIF ELGGREN, and CM VON HAUSSWOLFF.  This is a great article by Arvo Zylo entitled “Voices in the Emptiness”.

You can read the entire article here:


SWEDISH ENERGIES BROOKLYN is a festival for experimental, improvisational, and visionary music & performance art at the issue project room in Brooklyn on December 2nd and 3rd, 2011.  The festival will feature the likes of IKUE MORI & IDA LUNDEN, KATHY HINDE & DANIEL SKOGLUND, THE MAGIC STATE, MATS GUSTAFSSON, SEWER ELECTION, THE SKULL DEFEKTS, HANNA HARTMANN, CARL MICHAEL VON HAUSSWOLFF, ALTAR OF FLIES, and ANNA KOCK & MATS LINDSTROM.  Issue project Room is in the Old American Can Factory at 232 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY 11215.

More information:  http://www.issueprojectroom.org/

FEMALE EJACULATION (WINTERS IN OSAKA and SKINGRAFT members) have released a lathe-cut 7″ limited to 20 copies.  This is a harsh noise collaboration recorded live at Voice of the Valley ’11.  Edited, remixed and mastered by Dan of BONGRIPPER.  Was available for $9.00, already sold out, only mentioning for sake of showing its existence.

More info, write to: [email protected]

AHLZAGAILZEHGUH has released a new CD via HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS entitled “Memory and Hearing”.  Considered to be a masterpiece of difficult collage noise requiring repeated listening.  The recording process took 6 years between 2003 and 2009.

Available from:  http://www.hospitalproductions.net/

MISANTHROPIC AGENDA have released two new LP’s, the first of which is a new installment in GIUSEPPE IELASI’s 15 Tapes Series.  Great sound work from Italy and mastermind behind SENUFO EDITIONS.  The second is a conceptual tour record from FRANCISCO MEIRINO, GERRITT WITTMER, PAUL KNOWLES, KAM HASSAH, and ALLEYPISSER.  Both records are in an edition of 90 copies.

Get yours from:  http://www.misanthropicagenda.com/

Two new tapes are now available from WORTHLESS RECORDINGS.  BURIAL GROUND’s “Night of the Living Dead” C24 is the final installment in Burial Ground’s George A. Romero trilogy.  This time around, both sides of the tape are filled with unrelenting, harsh chaos.  Limited to 30 copies, $5 PPD US.  WORN VESSEL’s “The Refuse of Nature” C30 is next with old school industrial filth.  Undulating synth swells meet nasty frequencies and cavernous vocals.  Limited to 50 copies at $5.00 PPD US.

View more information at:  http://www.worthlessrecordings.blogspot.com/

New from SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE come two 3″/business card CDR offerings.  The first is a 5-way split between ANIMAL MACHINE, HENGLIKUPOLIYAER, FAEKAL OMSORG, BUCKET OF PISS, and NXFXTXEX containing harsh noise, noisecore, shitcore, and noise.  Edition of 30 and co-released by PALEMOON PRODUCTIONS.  Secondly is CEMENTIMENTAL with “Receipts of Lumpish Hoist”, an uncut business card full of static harsh noise.  15 copies made.

No trades!  Get yours from:  http://shitcore.dk/smfsp

New releases from SINCOPE include DIONONESISTE’s “Mota” CDR, a black metal side project from DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO.  Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.  VROOOM is next with a single-sided C31 tape of massive noise sound from Claudio Rocchetti.  Limited to 50 copies.  COMPOUNDEAD have teamed up with PANDA for a split CDR including 2 live tracks, one each from these Italian noise drone experimentalists.  Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.  Obscure Italian noise project PALE SISTER is next with their “Ordeal” CDR, and this update ends with a split LP from SUMO and AFFRANTI.  New songs from both of these Italian punkcore bands, with artwork from ALESSANDRO BARONCIANI.

Order from:  http://sincoperec.altervista.org/

Two new releases are officially out on DOKUMENTARISK AGENDA.  First is LETTERA 22’s “Time Collected” C24 tape.  This Italian duo returns with a sublime follow-up to their last LP.  On this release, they seamlessly blend quiet field recordings and electroacoustics with crushing harsh noise and blistering feedback.  Also available is ANTONIN PAGAILLE’s “Variations Sur le Bonheur” C52+C36.  This double cassette is a presentation of very diverse analog synth music. Over the four sides of this release the sounds move from spacey ambient to damaged post-industrial, slow and sparse soundscapes to old school synth experimentation, while always maintaining a certain melancholy mood to the proceedings.  Available for 5 euro and 8 euro respectively.

Contact:  http://dokumentariskagenda.blogspot.com/

Out now on QUAGGACURIOUSSOUNDS is a 3.5″ Floppy disk from GX JUPITTER-LARSEN entitled “A Noisy Flop”.  This is a 32 second video release coded in MPEG-4 format as a floppy disk themed noise video.  Several colors of floppy disc are available and come with a hand-stamped orange or green label.  Each copy is packaged in an A4-sized ziplock bag.  Includes an article on floppy disks from Electronics & Computing Monthly from March 1983.

Paypal:  [email protected]


To be available shortly from BETA LACTAM RING RECORDS is ORBIT SERVICE’s “A Calm Note from the West”.  This double-CD art box will be available on November 15th and will be preceded by a Denver, CO release part / show on November 12th.  The album will feature contributions from EDWARD KA-SPEL (THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS), KIM G. HANSEN (ANTENNE), ANNA BRONSTED (OUR BROKEN GARDEN / EFTERKLANG), ELIN PALMER (CROOKED FINGERS / MUNLY AND THE LEE LEWIS HARLOTS), KIRILL VIKOLAI (STILL LIGHT / SAND SNOWMAN), DENNIS SWANSON (DAY DISSOLVED DREAM), and ESTHER HERNANDEZ (PEE PEE).  There will also be a signed, hand-made edition of 30 copies available including a bonus live disc, links to exclusive downloads, original photographs (unique for each box), and original artwork.

Available from:  http://www.blrrecords.com/

Progressive Rock ensemble NUCLEUS TORN have added Anna Murphy from ELUVEITIE as a permanent member in the run-up to the release of their fourth album, “Golden Aga”.  This is the first line-up change since 2006’s “Nihil”.

More info:  http://www.nucleustorn.ch/

The label trio FAUNASABBATHA / SYNTH SERIES / RURALFAUNE has been incredibly busy lately and have a huge amount of releases to announce.  First up are new releases from the Ruralfaune label.  The TRAVEL EXPOP SERIES #1 is a new excursion for the label, and is available as a compilation featuring the best in French experimental pop music from artists such as HOLY STRAYS, CANKUN, JE SUIS LE PETIT CHEVALIER, and HIGH WOLF.  Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl.  Co-released with HANDS IN THE DARK.  BROKEN MASK is next with “There is another Mind in the Green”.  This CDR limited to 60 copies is from the duo of Robert Horton and Michael Shannon and is a compilation of archival recordings from 1982 to 2009 and follows the legendary archives series released several years ago on DIGITALIS, SLOOW TAPES, 23 PRODUCTIONS, and JYRK.  Also available is INEZ LIGHTFOOT’s “Gatherer”, a CDR limited to 70 that delves into homemade music from the mountaintop barrows, deciduous forests and many spaces in-between.  Nature-derived inspirations conjure analog soundscapes ranging from fierce and uncanny to ritual.  2nd edition, first released on STUNNED RECORDS.  Lastly on Ruralfaune is a CDR in an edition of 60 from PLESMAH entitled “Animal Factory Blizzard 2 and 4”.  This is post-urban krautrock from Germany, cosmic music that explores the light and dark, and space and time.  Next is the label Synth Series, with CANKUN’s “Miami Vice”.  This is an exclusive French Tour CDR that comes in directly after his first release on NOT NOT FUN.  Vincent Caylet’s deep organic vibes are based on Miami vice episodes with colorful neons, bright city lights and vivid tropical rhythms.  Next is UBUNANNA with “Arabian Holography”, a work with fragmented melodies, spacesynth soundscapes and warbled minimalism in abstract electronics.  Music by Ichihana Takahashi.  ZONOTOPE brings “Human Unity” next which is a recycled 80’s computer musical animation that serves as data structure for kaleidoscopic pop soundtracks.  STEFAN BLOMEIER has released “The Danish Straits” as well which is a vintage kraut synth effort, containing minimal waves for an obsessive mind.  Affectionately referred to as “Legosynth”.  Lastly is “Teal View” from NEW FUTURE WANDERER, a CDR limited to 70 full of rich synth layers that paint images in blue-green.  For Faunasabbatha releases, see the neofolk section.

Ruralfaune:  http://ruralfaune.blogspot.com/
Synth Series:  http://synthseries.blogspot.com/


LUPUS LOUNGE German recording artist LANTLôS have released a new album as of October 28th entitled “Agape”.  This record is supposed to be a radical departure from the band’s patented post-black metal sound.  Also on Lupus Lounge is FARSOT’s latest effort, “Insects”, released on the same date.  This long-awaited successor to “IIII” is an exceptional work of avant-garde black metal.

More info:  http://www.prophecy.cd/

Some quick news from CENTURY MEDIA: IN FLAMES have posted a new video for “Where the Dead Ships Dwell”, ICED EARTH have also posted a music video from their new album “Dystopia”, CALIBAN will hit the road on a massive European Tour when their new album “I am Nemesis” hits the streets, KRISIUN have released “The Great Execution”, and VALLENFYRE premiered a video clip for “Cathedrals of Dread”.

You can view the videos and more at:  http://www.centurymedia.de/

Quick news from METAL BLADE:  HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE have announced some North West tour dates with support from CHRISTIAN MISTRESS.  Metal Blade will be releasing the cult rock band THE DEVIL’S BLOOD in North America.  ALLEGAEON are writing a new record and are set to record at LAMBESIS STUDIOS with DANIEL CASTLEMAN.  THE OCEAN has posted footage from their tour of China and are now on tour with THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT.

More news at:  http://www.metalblade.com/

Quick news from SEASON OF MIST:  The label has inked a deal with all-star band TWILIGHT OF THE GODS which was originally a BATHORY tribute band involving members of PRIMORDIAL, AVA INFERI, AURA NOIR, THYRFING, EINHERJER, and LOCK UP.  NOTHNEGAL’s debut album is upcoming and it is called “Decadence”.  Included in the new signings is post-black metal project DODECAHEDRON.

More information is available at:  http://www.season-of-mist.com/

The Heathen Harvest News announcements are a collection of news from around the post-industrial and selective extreme metal worlds.  We take great pride in trying to offer you the most information regarding new releases and important announcements from labels and artists.  These news announcements are written up by Sage, so if you would like to have him include a news announcement for you in future issues, please contact him at [email protected]