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A Death Cinematic – Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments

A Death Cinematic – Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments

Written by:  Sage

Artist:  A Death Cinematic
Title:  Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments
Label:  Simple Box Construction
Cat. #:  SBC – 015

Genre:  Experimental / Drone Ambient / Minimal Post-rock

01)  Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments
02)  –
03)  In the Tumbling Dawn Lights, their Eyes Fall Frozen through the Mist and Rain

Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments.  This one line of eight words has a great deal of poetry locked within it, doesn’t it?  Eight words that can, and do, contain the ability to allow one’s mind to wander off and imagine the utter defeat and crippling failures spanning the entirety of a lifetime.  From unwanted birth, to unexpected and meaningless death, this one line can capture every miserable heartbreak, loss, mistake, error, neglect, oversight, fault, underestimation, inaccuracy and misjudgement that would go on to lead to any number of critical failures that would result in the deteriorating wreckage of one’s life.  Needless to say, the title alone for this recording set us up for a depressive 33 minutes over 3 tracks.  Ironically, that sets us up for a proverbial “rule of 3’s” — making this release all that more effective in drowning the listener in an overwhelming aura of despondency.

The title track to Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments arrives first, effectively setting the mood for the entire EP, especially since its 22 minute length takes up two-thirds of the overall time.  Much like the split with Ekca Liena on Small Doses, much of the music surrounding the album features guitar-based ambiance and looping, differently timed melodic progressions backed by a droning swirl of sound that rises to meet its climax and decrescendos, deteriorating over time to give way to the ever-churning guitar structures that define A Death Cinematic’s personal style.  In the end, at least for the title track, they ultimately give in to a more powerful and dissonant presence before fading completely into emptiness.  Past this track, the EP becomes more drone and minimal friendly, with the untitled track only including 2 minutes of minimal electronic vague pulsing and In the Tumbling Dawn Lights… reflecting more of a laid back approach to guitar ambiance.  It’s here that A Death Cinematic can be seen at his best, adopting a subtle Fennesz-style approach in the first half of the track without the laptop complexities.  The guitar structure hereafter takes on a completely new characteristic, becoming almost chime like in its pristine nature, backed by resonating light low notes that are pushed to the back of the mix.  With this EP we can see that even in misery and complete collapse, beauty and grace can still be found within it from the perspective of an outside figure.  In agony and despair there always lies a dimly lit flame that is only extinguished upon death.  For the melancholic listener, this hits home well.  There are roughly two parts in the title track where musicianship could perhaps be called into question (accidental muting/buzzing of sustained notes) which is all that keeps this EP from receiving a perfect score on my end.

Unfortunately, regardless of how good this release is, only 50 souls will be able to receive and appreciate it.  It seems that the most beautiful pieces of art come only in very limited numbers these days, and its no surprise with the amount of work that has been put into the productions of this EP.  This is not something that could be ‘mass produced’ on any scale with the way it is put together.  The encasing is a beautifully printed gatefold cardboard sleeve featuring what appears to be an animal skull amongst the darkened veil of shadow.  Upon opening, the inside is strengthened by the addition of a perfectly cut wood panel square (perhaps for looks, it appears to be cardboard as well).  Within this is a painting of a hangman’s noose obscured by a translucent, purposely torn, not cut, piece of paper/cloth that has been printed with a poem relevant to the last track on the release.  The other half of the sleeve within which the CD itself rests contains the album information and hand-numbering on it, as well as a small square cut out to cleverly feature the skull that has been printed on the CD itself.  Also included are a couple of water slide decal stickers of the same skull that is found on the CD.  These are also kept firm by a piece of the same wood paneling that is found in the construction of the case itself.  These are obviously complicated to make and likely took a great deal of time to create on the artist’s part, thus reflecting the strong sense of DIY culture and artistry found within every A Death Cinematic release.

Rating:  4.5/5