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Seuchensturm – Um jeden Preis

Seuchensturm – Um jeden Preis

by Bryan Babylon

Artist website
Label: SkullLine
Genre: Martial Industrial


01 Standhaft
02 Geltungsschlag
03 Um Jeden Preis
04 … Bis Zum Sieg
05 Stählerne Vögel Über Deutschland
06 Vorwärts, Kameraden!
07 Alles Für Preussen
08 Heimattreue (Ausklang)
09 Paranoiamaschine (Bonus)

Before I get into describing the music, would like to say what a fiendishly difficult time I had in attempting to dig up information about Seuchensturm. This was a project surrounded by conflicting information and shrouded in mystery. After a week of being unable to get any info from the project’s creator, I turned to the label, where I was kindly directed to a three sentence promotional blurb on their site. That being said, I finally found a link on a German language martial music forum that directed me to an interview on myspace with SIG p, also in German, that discussed briefly the demise of Seuchensturm. Anyone who relies on internet translation programs knows how ambiguous and half-assed these programs are, couple that with the typical myspace typos, very obscure words, and the fact that google translate somehow has managed to have no understanding of the German rules for capitalization of words, and you may have an idea of where I was still uncertain as to any information about Seuchensturm and their first/last album (although that is a misleading statement because Seuchensturm appeared on a couple split releases and a number of compilations as well before fading into the oblivion and anonymity known as the internet. For those who read German, this link is to the myspace interview . I found one other lead as well to a limited edition compilation CD that came with a magazine that ran an intervioew with SIG p. where he supposedly discusses in depth the demise of Seuchensturm The name of that publication is- V/A Sampler – STURMREIF & STAHLKRAFT CD+Mag SET and can be purchased through SkullLine.

The first track of the album, ‘Standhaft’ with silence slowly raing into peasant folk singing but quickly sliding into a sudden burst of martial drums, siren wails, and minimalist repetetive vocals. After a little while of this the sound breaks apart into a small patch of very quiet vocals interrupted here and there with metallic screeches. Then itis back to the drums and sirens with the edition of heroic brass ensemble playing. The last minute and a half is comprised of the folk music balanced with electronics again. The track ends suddenly in a metallic screech.

The title track ‘Um jeden Preis’ opens with darkly romantics music that forces images of cities being bombed at night and couples those images with historical samples, minimal rhythmic drumming, more samples, and a slowing tempo. This track confused me about whether there is a track of almost inaudible speaking, or if I am hearing things.

‘Stählerne Vögel Über Deutschland’ opens with a symphonic march that is almost immediately drowned out by a harsh siren and immediately replaced by a chorus of men’s voices, which are in turn broken up by an incredibly repetitive and very slow rhythm pattern that includes a harsh screech and a one word sample at the end of every measure. The strange rhythm decays into music box tones and sirens.

I enjoyed this album, I even slept to it on repeat a good deal of times, but parts of this work are so repetitive that the hypnotic mind numbing repetition can certainly seem mindless at times.

Rating: 4/5