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Waffenruhe & Seuchensturm – Waffenbrüder

Waffenruhe & Seuchensturm – Waffenbrüder

by Dyonisian Apollo

Bandlinks: Waffenruhe   Seuchensturm
Label: Skullline
Genre: Dark Ambient/Martial industrial

01 Waffenruhe – Dein Verderben ist des Feindes Rum
02 Waffenruhe – Deutsche Jugend
03 Waffenruhe – Todgeweihte (DJ V.2)
04 Waffenruhe – Letztes Bataillon
05 Waffenruhe – Know your enemy
06 Waffenruhe – Sieg
07 Seuchensturm – Genocide Inc.
08 Seuchensturm – Niedergang
09 Seuchensturm – Der schwarze Orden (feat.Gassturm)
10 Seuchensturm – Giovinezza
11 Seuchensturm – Little Marry Sue and the radicactive Redneck
12 Seuchensturm – Das Wappen
13 Waffenruhe / Seuchensturm – Waffenbrueder (ghost track 1)
14 Waffenruhe / Seuchensturm – Waffenbrueder (ghost track 2)

Skullline has released in the past five years an enormous amount of bands and albums. Some of the bands have gained fame and perspective while many others have simply disappeared in the often obscure catalogue from the label. This label has a distinctive quality and lets say “character” in a way, defined by certain perspectives related with political views and aesthetics sometimes the bands seems very interrelated or intertwined by musical structure and influence but they also fade in the ocean of similitude and this is very noticeable along those five years of releases. Twins of similar concepts and predicted scenarios, ultimately resulting in common grounds for the spectator. Nevertheless the label has presented quite interesting discoveries since the beginning, very original destinations of sound. At least one can say with security that most of the albums released always have something interesting, disturbing or simply beautiful to contemplate. In the case we have here it’s once again one of the many obscure bands discovered by the label and familiar with the sound established by it long ago. It follows to the suggestive name “Waffenruhe” which in a literal translation from German could be read as simply “Truce” accompanied in a split by Seuchensturm creating this album that was released in 2008 but was re-released in 2010. With both bands we are stepping into military ambient territory with that often nebulous atmospherics that remits us to a time zone comprehended between 30s and 40s from the last century, a crucial time and not politically correct to mention when it’s not agreed with the terms it was told by conventional history. We can trace influential elements from Les joyaux de la princesse and this type of atmospheric narrative that describes a sequence of events occurring in the way of a soundtrack.

The atmosphere of the record it’s quite opaque but not dark enough to be dark ambient and variable enough to be have colours that make it difficult to define, not “virile” enough to be called martial since the martial rhythm is not virulent but mostly atmospheric, but nevertheless playing with this elements to create form and context. Wafenruhe puts emphasis on percussion and rhythms in general while they play sort of a collage of samplers in between that bring this interesting pace to the play, Even though both are ambient oriented, Seuchensturm is concise in the deliver of ambient elaborated of movie samplers, accompanied with synthesized military cadences and gelid synth lines somehow reminding the project Atomtrakt, typically recreating this atmosphere of post battle and utter destruction at some point. Both bands do a great deal combining spacious and cold synth lines with samplers that bring intriguing structures but in general the work strolls in similar territories if not identical within the transition from the two bands. The few elements that make the distinction clear from one of the other are probably the folk military induction from Seuchensturm more defined in the experimental collage “Little mary sue and the radioactive redneck” (Sort of a monologue with melodramatic background) and the military folk piece “Waffenbrüder”.

Both bands bring in the end an interesting military ambient piece with some rusty colours and good cadences typically soundtrack like but attractive enough to keep the listener going through with both rhythm and atmosphere but certainly no more than that.

Rating: 3.5/5