Sutekh Hexen Live at LoBot Gallery

Architects of the Abyss; an Interview with Sutekh Hexen

.:.ARCHITECTS OF THE ABYSS.:. An Interview with Sutekh Hexen Written by Raul Antony Photography by Martha Yesenia ____ Sutekh Hexen first popped up on my radar when going through the lineup for the Stella ...

Shining Norway

Blackjazz Deathtrance; an Interview with Norway’s Shining

.:.BLACKJAZZ DEATHTRANCE.:. An Interview with Norway’s Shining by Conor Fynes ___ I got the opportunity to see the Norwegian Shining live a while back when they opened for The Dillinger ...

Agalloch Interview Featured

Astral Dialogue; an Interview with Agalloch

.:.ASTRAL DIALOGUE.:. An Interview with Agalloch By Ian Campbell ___ Before witnessing Agalloch’s sold out album release show with Yob at Seattle’s Highline bar, I was lucky enough to sit down with ...

News Ingathering


Neuropa Records: New Releases by Der Blaue Reiter & Roses Never Fade

Der Blaue Reiter – Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’Adieu Du Silence After ...

Epicurean Escapism I CD/DVD, CON-DOM DVD, Last Dominion Lost LP, Krank/TGP Tape Available Now

Epicurean Escapism I Compilation CD + Martin Bladh DVD “Video Works“ + ...

[Events] Sensoria 2014 Programme – Tickets on sale now‏

Sensoria tickets are on sale now. With a few more events to be ...
William Mortensen Crop

Two New Books on William Mortensen and Featuring Michael Moynihan Out Soon from Feral House

Michael Moynihan, known within the post-industrial underground for his work in Blood ...

Seja to Release Fatal Casualties – Psalm (LP) out September 3rd, pre-order now!‏

Seja is an absolutely independent, friendly and quite stubborn label. We focus ...

[Events] Incubate 2014 is Coming Soon

Our festival starts in four weeks. We hope you’ll discover some artists ...

Just Harvested

Project Void Enslavement and Death

Project: Void – Enslavement and Death

With Enslavement and Death, Corvus Rex (Fury 161, Black Crow King) unleashes his second album of hate-filled noise on L. White Records under his Project: Void moniker. Enslavement and Death continues to work in the aggressive and hostile territory of his debut, The Anthropogenic Process, which was originally self-released by Project: Void until Crucial Blast […]

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U-731 By All Means...

U-731 – By All Means…

“The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify […]

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Vaniish Memory Work

Vaniish – Memory Work

Always eager to discover new work in the realm of post-punk, I was excited to come across a promising new act. Coming out of the alternative underground of San Francisco, the debut release by Vaniish, Memory Work, delivers a personally beloved form of shadowy post-punk. This trio has long been creating music within the genre, as […]

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Faun Von den Elben

Faun – Von den Elben

I will admit that when I read Faun’s new album, Von den Elben, included remakes and covers, coupled with a signing to Universal Records, nervousness crept in. After undergoing line-up changes and the signing of a new record deal, this was always going to be a sceptical listen. I have always loved the raw and […]

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Monarch – Sabbracadaver

“Sabbracadaver,” the title of the seventh full-length outing by French drone/doom outfit Monarch, is derived from “Sabbra Cadabra,” the name of a track from Black Sabbath’s 1973 album “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.” Black Sabbath have often been retroactively identified as the progenitors of doom metal, thanks to their famously fuzzy guitar tones, ominous tonalities and lyrics […]

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Lasher Keen Mantic Poetry Oracular Prophecy

Lasher Keen – Mantic Poetry, Oracular Prophecy

Frantic screams, heathens jump and twist in ecstatic patterns, a woman in a flowing gown dances among the crowd, letting the music flow through her body in another form. The thin man on stage chants and hollers incantations of the most esoteric sort. He is clad in a cape, perhaps wearing a cowl or a […]

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Aaron Martin Christoph Berg Day has Ended

Aaron Martin / Christoph Berg– Day has Ended

I met Aaron Martin, briefly, in the spring of 2014 when he played alongside Sontag Shogun and Diving Bell at the Public Library of Cincinnati’s Experimental Music Night. In that corner of the downtown building, next to the grand piano, Martin delivered a beautiful and contemplative performance. Melancholy, flowing notes reverberated from his cello to […]

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Thaclthi ...Erat Ante Oculos Crop

Thaclthi – …Erat Ante Oculos

Thaclthi, derived from a now dead language translating to “silence”, stands as an odd name to be carried by such a band. This monolithic trio from Tuscany may hide behind darkened veils of obscurity, rarely showing their faces, but their compositional take on a rather saturated genre of doom/death metal paves an image that is […]

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Morbid Angel

Taking the Left from the Left Hand Path: a Treatise on Morbid Angel’s “Illud Divinum Insanus”

TAKING THE LEFT FROM THE LEFT HAND PATH A Treatise on Morbid Angel’s “Illud Divinum Insanus” Written by Akherra ___ “…I lie dead but still I`m sworn.” Witness descent. Only, there be no heights in these depths, no breathtaking fathoms wherein the unruly cherub is fallen in wayward flight. The winds howl through the blasted […]

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Eternal Flame of Gehenna, Loputon Gehennan liekki

Eternal Flame of Gehenna / Loputon Gehennan Liekki (A Finnish Black Metal Documentary)

Sami Kettunen’s Eternal Flame of Gehenna (Loputon Gehennan Liekki) has the self-explanatory subtitle of “Finnish Black Metal Documentary”. The film’s trailer appeared online in late 2011 and immediately generated intense interest, not to mention dismay and–it must be said–hilarity. Later in the same year, the film’s premiere was by far the most popular event in […]

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