Worthless Endeavors - Famine Black Metal Art

Artist Spotlight: The Sinister Works of Worthless Endeavors

    Somewhere amongst the shadows in the Northeastern swamplands of New Jersey, there lies an artist cloaked in obscurity who holds no limits in his visual expressions, which are ...

Die Weisse Rose Sparks

EXCLUSIVE: Premiering New Die Weisse Rose Video for “Sparks”

If last year’s two 7″ EP’s from Die Weisse Rose snuck in under your radar, you’re not alone.  Both Sparks and Flamme were released by Lisbon, Portugal’s Extremocidente as clear vinyl ...


EXCLUSIVE: New Track from Abre Ojos’ New Album, “Gates”, Streaming now!

“Abre Ojos is a mechanical beast, portrayed through the Occult sense of Creation through divine Will. It is the inanimate object brought to life, by the use of machinery and human ...

News Ingathering


[Music] Hidden Vibes : an Exciting New Label Out Of The Ukraine

Hidden Vibes is a small independent label, based in Kiev, Ukraine. They release ...

[Music] The End Is Nigh…… The Final Sky Burial Release: ‘A Revised History Of Dreaming’

Sky Burial - A Revised History Of Dreaming This final release will be ...

[Music] Raubbau: Morthound ‘Mortology’ 1990-1996. 5cd Boxset

Morthound –  Mortology 1990-1996. 5cd Boxset black heavy-cardboard box including 8 page ...

[Literary News] Clavicula Nox -V- Magic & Mayhem to be Published at Walpurgis Night 2014

We raise our glass to Gods, the spirits and the beasts, to ...

[Music] Rome: “A Passage to Rhodesia” 2CD + DVD + Book Boxset – Order Now

“A Passage to Rhodesia” is ROME‘s tenth album, but it’s safe to ...

[Music] Out now on Urashima: Releases from Nyodene D, Caen, and Hypnosis

Nyodene D – Mouths that Reap the Harvest LP Recorded in 2013 ...

Just Harvested


Triple Feature: Three Split Releases With The Black Scorpio Underground

The Black Scorpio Underground is the California based noise project of Joe Truck. Truck was a key player in the New York Goth scene of the nineteen-eighties with the band Scarecrow. He has been involved in many other bands over the years including Skull and Bullets, Aggrastat, Brain Eaters, Chop Shop, Hellvis, Confederacy of Horsepower, Mechanique and Heatgun. He […]

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Endless Power Cycle

Henry & Hazel Slaughter – Endless Power Cycle

Noise and dance music are not dissimilar. Dance musicians frequently push into the void of experimental creativity and noise artists build pulsing walls of emotion, each in an attempt to find new ways to transfix listeners. Industrial, hardcore electronics, and IDM are all examples of this. The pool of artists that sit at this convergence […]

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Rozz Williams Sleeping Dog

Rozz Williams – Sleeping Dogs

In the early 90s, it was common belief that Rozz Williams’ career was peppered with what were thought to be periods of inactivity, most prominently following his departure from Christian Death in 1985 and the demise of Shadow Project in 1993. After his death in 1998, it became evident that he had been consistently active […]

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The Guilt Of Isolation Room

The Guilt øf… – Isolation Room

Before I get into deciphering the unique duo of Mike IX and Ryan McKern on their latest full-length offering as The Guilt øf…, Isolation Room, it seems appropriate to give credit to their fellow Big Easy residents in Last Hurrah Records for their considerable and consistent dedication to making the vinyl experience as memorable as […]

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Izanami’s Labour Pains Destination Toujinbou

Izanami’s Labour Pains – Destination: Toujinbou

Many legends surround Toujinbou (Tōjinbō), an array of craggy cliffs overlooking the Sea of Japan. One of these legends tells of an unethical Buddhist priest from Heisen-ji (a Medieval stone temple) that was dragged from the temple to the nearby seaside cliffs by the infuriated townsfolk he had deceived for many years. Hurled over the […]

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Infandous Blood, the Sun and the Cosmos

Infandous – Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos

What is contained within Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos is comprised neither of trends nor modern conceptions of the Occult. Many bands today place sigils on album covers and speak in a way that creates an auspicious feeling, and I can guarantee you that, more often than not, this is just a facade. Infandous […]

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Double Feature: Withering of Light – Through The Nightlands Unto The Gates of Dawn + Procession Towards Oblivion

Withering of Light’s Through the Nightlands Unto the Gates of Dawn is a focus on the trajectory of the Sun, in particular that time when Night is darkest, a concept which has various esoteric philosophical connotations. This twenty plus minute track focuses on opening with a baseline structure of a static-like sound, the kind of transmission […]

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Ben Frost Aurora

Ben Frost – A U R O R A

Walking the fine line between something pleasing and something utterly disconcerting has always been the forte of the Australian-born experimental electronic musician Ben Frost. From the string wolves in By the Throat‘s “The Carpathians” to the innocent piano notes in Solaris‘ “Snow” and gorgeous layered melodies on “Theory of Machines”, Ben Frost builds his atmosphere […]

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Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica are a bunch of moody ol’ Crusties, transplants from Baltimore that use to be in a band called Wake Up on Fire and are now in Portland. Fast forward to two-thousand-and fourteen, and they have finally released a new full length, five years after one of my all time favorite albums in the Crust […]

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Vortex – Kali Yuga

Ritual Ambient has a way of transporting the listener to another world that is both awe inspiring and potentially very dangerous. Vortex have stayed true to their name, creating a portal to somewhere else, a terrifying world of disconnection, reflected in the metaphor of the Kali Yuga. The most frightening part is, that world is here. It […]

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