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Heathen Harvest’s Best of 2014

2014 seemed to be the most challenging year for our journalists to select albums from. Much discussion and consideration was given to choosing just three works to showcase what represented ...


Live Report: Ceremony of the Ascension III

.:.CEREMONY OF THE ASCENSION III.:. Antwerp, Belgium on November 29th, 2014 Written by Angel S. Photography by Hans van der Velden ___ After three hours of sleep because of a ...

IRM Closure Main

Harvest’s Yield III: IRM – Closure… (Courtesy of Malignant Records)

For our third Harvest’s Yield giveaway, we are celebrating the brilliant work of Martin Bladh and his infamous IRM project with his latest full-length, Closure…, courtesy of the ever-impressive Malignant Records. ...

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New on Turgid Animal: Caligula031, Halalnihil, Sunken Cheek, Regler + more

Caligula031/Halalnihil – “Split” CD Turgid Animal is proud to present this split ...

HH Exclusive: Have a Listen to The Andrew King & Rose Rovine E Amanti live 7”

Andrew King & Rose Rovine e Amanti Side A: Edward (trad.) Side B The ...

Boring Machines: Z’ev, Simon Balestrazzi, and Techno-Ambient From Zone Démersale

Dream Weapon Ritual is the duo of post-industrial maestro Simon Balestrazzi ( ...

New Books from Arktos + Annual Contest + Massive Christmas sale!

Sex and Deviance is at once a raging critique of the values ...

MIE: Áine O’Dwyer – Music For Church Cleaners vol. I and II 2LP

We’re extremely excited to be releasing the epic and extended vinyl issue ...

The Machine Started To Flow Into A Vein Vol. 4

On November 8, 2014, at 17.30, Anykščiai Culture House (A. Baranausko sq. ...

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Caaldruun With Broken Teeth Crop

Caaldruun – With Broken Teeth

Caaldruun is the sinister working of Eric Kessel (who may respond also to Eric Faustus when obscured by the veil of the Internet), a New Yorker with a penchant for the noise that exists beneath the deep sterility of modern life. His Caaldruun project has been around since 2008, gaining its foundation from field recordings […]

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StarGazer A Merging to the Boundless Crop

StarGazer – A Merging to the Boundless

2014 withheld one of its prized musical paragons up until the final moments of this solar cycle. As the curtains begin to close on a year of exceptional underground releases across the board, another has recently ascended from Adelaide, Australia. Noted as one of the country’s most distinctive, technical death metal groups with an avant-garde […]

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Mad Tyrant The Execution of William Kemmler Crop

Mad Tyrant – The Execution of William Kemmler

Short version: meh, didn’t really grab me. Long version: William Kemmler was apparently the very first person to be executed by electric chair. As if being murdered by your elected representatives wasn’t bad enough, he actually underwent nearly ten minutes of electrocution-based agony (performed in two takes since the first go failed to kill him) […]

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Waldträne Es wusste einst die Alten Crop

Waldtraene – Es wusste einst die Alten

December is fitting time of year to be digesting Pagan music–as Yuletide approaches, we in the Western World embrace a season of festivities, and no doubt each year more of us come to understand the pre-Christian nature of it all. It is also at about this time last year that I reviewed Waldtraene‘s previous offering, […]

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Burning Bethlehem The Unholy Path to Hell Crop

Burning Bethlehem – The Unholy Path to Hell

In 1898, Olof Olsson Ohman, a Swedish immigrant in Minnesota, took from the earth a book-sized stone that lay beneath a tree in his field. Markings were found upon it which at first glance bear resemblance to an old Norse alphabet. The Kensington Stone, purported to be from ancient Viking settlers in the middle of […]

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Mechanical Bird Bitter Herbs Crop

Mechanical Bird – Bitter Herbs

Throwback bands can often be tricky beasts. Often they rely too heavily on imagery or other aesthetic tropes of the past. Rarely do you find a group who plant their roots firmly in the past yet still manage to sound fresh and exciting. Luckily, Jakob Brixen’s Danish folk collective, Mechanical Bird, is one of these […]

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Lussuria Industriale Illuminato Crop

Lussuria – Industriale Illuminato

The last few years have seen a renewed interest in the relationship between experimental music and film, from the horror-synth giallo scores of Umberto to Kreng’s spare and hellish soundtracks.  Industriale Illuminato, Lussuria’s first full-length on Hospital Productions since the three-volume American Babylon, is similarly influenced by cinema, but the kind of fear that this […]

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Panopticon Roads to the North Crop

Panopticon – Roads to the North

“Idealists…foolish enough to throw caution to the winds…have advanced mankind and have enriched the world.“ –Emma Goldman I begin with this quote not only to keep in mind Aaron Lunn’s Anarchistic views, but just as much–if not more–to speak of how these views affect this music. Panopticon is a band that I can best describe […]

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ron covers 0017

New Material From Arvo Zylo: ‘Falling Tower, Terrible Fountain + ‘Assembly’ by Blood Rhythms

Now available on Side of The Sun Recordings, a very sparse and under-the-radar label headed by a good friend, is a pro duplicated cassette comprised of layered malfunctions, destroyed presets, and barren/animated noise soundtrack montages.  I mentioned the impetus for the tape in a recent interview with Heathen Harvest. “I saw what was the image of the tarot […]

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Mare Cognitum Phobos Monolith Crop

Mare Cognitum – Phobos Monolith

Given the sense of solipsism inherent in most styles of black metal, it’s no surprise that so many artists have taken the solo route in realizing their art. However, whether it’s the sheer saturation or the fact that most of these projects tend to be mediocre at best, there has been a backlash against the […]

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