Sara Lux

A Day without Time; an Interview with Sara Lux of Hidden Place

.:.A DAY WITHOUT TIME.:. An Interview with Sara Lux of Hidden Place by Nicholas Diak ___ Italy’s Hidden Place has been releasing electronic music of the synthpop and new wave ...


Exclusive: Premiering Alternative Version of Darkwood’s “Deutsche Sonnwend”

This Friday, Germany’s iconic neofolk act Darkwood will be stepping on U.S. soil for the first time in order to perform in Madison, Wisconsin with Kinit Her and Black Light.  ...

Thor Battering the Midgard Serpent by Henry Fuseli Main

Contra Vitium: How VICE Mischaracterized a Religious Movement

.:.CONTRA VITIUM.:. How VICE Mischaracterized a Religious Movement Through Poor Research by Dan Capp ___ Have you ever adored a creature so much you felt like you could smother it ...

News Ingathering


Dark Star: H. R. Giger’s World, a Film by Belinda Sallin

Surrealist artist H. R. Giger (1940–2014) terrified audiences with his Oscar-winning monsters ...

Asatru: A Native European Spirituality by Stephen A. McNallen Available For Pre-order

When Steve McNallen pledged his loyalty to the Gods and Goddesses of ...
Ernst Junger The Forest Passage Crop

Ernst Jünger Titles Currently 20% Off at Telos Press

In addition to a number of English translations of Ernst Jünger‘s work ...

Myrkr and :Vegvisir Music: | Witchprayer, Falgar – Two New CDs Out Now!

Myrkr and :Vegvisir music: proudly present four new releases. Witchprayer – Devil Worship ...

A Fairy Tale From Ford Proco + Peter Christopherson + John Balance

We are really honoured to present a 12” EP collaboration between the ...

Rough Trade East Book and ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ Launch – June 5th featuring Scanner Live

Rough Trade East present Test Dept/PC-Press – ‘Total State Machine’ and ‘Shoulder ...

Just Harvested

thisquietarmy Anthems for Catharsis Crop

thisquietarmy – Anthems for Catharsis

Canadian one-man drone unit thisquietarmy (Eric Quach) is back with a brand new release. During these past few years the project has been releasing music and touring the world relentlessly while gathering quite a huge discography, both solo and as part of numerous collaborations. Quach’s solo albums, from Rebirths to Hex Mountains, are definitely a […]

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The Rita Ballet Feet Positions Crop

The Rita – Ballet Feet Positions

Apparently modern ballet began as a royal pastime of 15th Century Europe, presented as a means to keep the court entertained between banquet courses. Quite apart from its art and beauty, it was a decidedly elite pastime; a way for European royalty to demonstrate how cultured and wealthy they were. Contrary to the best efforts […]

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Erde Bose Zeit

Erde – Böse Zeit

Vjacheslav Golub, the mastermind behind the Belarusian Erde, performing here under the nom de plume of Untermensch, seems to be a fairly popular musician coming out of the Eastern European neofolk scene. Böse Zeit, the project’s debut album on Austria’s Steinklang Industries, has acquired a gathering of various contributors—a vast and musically heterogeneous group of fellow artists […]

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Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom

Black Witchery & Revenge – Holocaustic Death March to Humanity’s Doom

Considering the abundance of touch-and-go splits or ‘alliances’ in war metal, it’s almost surprising that these bands have not already previously collaborated. Though I’d hesitate to say any one band or album has assumed a sphere of influence comparable to Fallen Angel of Doom…. some decades ago, it goes without saying that Revenge and Black […]

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[ B O L T ] - ( 0 3 )

[ B O L T ] – ( 0 3 )

It is interesting how a movement in music and art like Minimalism can create such fertile ground for artists to explore new ways of approaching their craft. It’s as if setting what could be construed by an outsider as limitations or restrictions actually causes the opposite to occur. Having self-imposed parameters within which to work […]

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Shivers Shivers

Shivers – Shivers

Nestled in a film-noir sleeve that depicts a decaying man with a gun, Shivers is the debut release for the trio of Rutger Zuydervelt, Gareth Davis, and Leo Fabriek. Zuydervelt, who will be well-known to many for his work as Machinefabriek, is responsible for electronics on Shivers; likewise, Davis plays bass clarinet while Fabriek is […]

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Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine

Among the “big four” of Swedish death metal – the other three being, naturally, Entombed, Grave and Dismember – Kungsängen, Stockholm’s Unleashed are possibly the least feted, but maybe the most reliable and consistent. Having plied their trade now for over 25 years, 2015’s “Dawn of the Nine” represents their twelfth full-length studio outing, following […]

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Derelict Earth – Below the Empty Skies

“Below the Empty Skies,” the third full-length outing from France’s Derelict Earth, a one-man progressive metal project operated by Quentin Stainer, has about 45 seconds right at the very beginning where things look promising. Opener “The Graveyard of Dreams” starts with a series of clean chords played over crystalline, post-rockish feedback, Stainer’s clear, quavering, high […]

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Robert Scott Thompson Arcana Crop

Robert Scott Thompson – Arcana

Whenever I’m in range of KFJC, the bizarre alt-radio station broadcasting out of Foothill College, California, it’s rare that I’ll find another musical outlet that can persuade me to listen to anything else. Yet, one evening as I lay down in a city park waiting for the sun to set, Robert Scott Thompson’s Arcana took […]

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Howling Larsons Fool of Sound and Furry Crop

Howling Larsons – Fool of Sound and Furry

Howling Larsons’ Fool of Sound and Furry is a record with an identity crisis. Does it want to be an experimental ambient album? Psychedelic folk? Perhaps even martial industrial? Well, it seems to attempt to be all of these things at once. Can such a thing be accomplished? The duo of Alan Trench and Rebecca […]

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