Ben Frost | Credit: Jeremy Zang

Live Report: Ben Frost in Cincinnati, OH 10/19/14

BEN FROST Live in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 19th, 2014 Written by S. L. Weatherford Photography by Custom and Jeremy Zang ___ While Ben Frost was beginning to reach a ...


Lost in the Void; an interview with Michael Page of Sky Burial & F/I/T/H

.:.LOST IN THE VOID.:. An Interview with Mike Page of Sky Burial & Fire in the Head by Cody Drasser ___ Michael Page has rightfully earned his placed amongst some ...


Exclusive: Premiering New Track From Urna, “Cauchemar”

Urna is the solo project of Italian artist and musician Gianluca Martucci. Two of his paintings have been featured on the releases The Poet & The Blue Flower and The Cavern Stanzas by Kinit Her. ...

News Ingathering


New Releases From Mannequin Records: Void Vision, The Actor, The Royal Family & The Poor

Void Vision – Sub Rosa LP Void Vision is a Philadelphia-based electronic ...

Death in June ‘The Corn Years’ & ‘The Wall of Sacrifice’ Reissued on Vinyl by Pylon Records

This vinyl issue marks the 25th Anniversary of the first CD-only release ...

Karl Records: Whitehouse Performed Live by Zeitkratzer + Ensemble Avantgarde Interpret Steve Reich

Three early compositions (1968-1970) by Steve Reich, one of the most prolific ...

Timeless Editions: Peter Christopherson – Photography and The Art of John Balance Collected

“In ten years’ time who’ll care? Who’ll even remember ?” Coil – ...

New Titles From Arktos Media

Arktos is pleased to be presenting three titles from our newest author, ...

New Rasp Album From Matt Howden & Jo Quail, ‘Radiate Power Words’

Write, perform and record an album in two days? Matt Howden, and ...

Just Harvested


Auditor – Form Destroyer

There are some albums that you have to brace yourself before you listen to them. It’s as if you have to steel yourself against it in some way, keeping a small part of your soul pure, whole, and untouched by their torturous depths. Auditor’s “Form Destroyer” just happens to be one of those albums. It’s […]

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Pentacene – Pentacene

Pentacene: what an interesting name. Though initially unaware of its meaning, I got the impression that it was something nasty. According to Wikipedia, pentacene is “a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of five linearly-fused benzene rings”. Oh, okay. That clears everything up. Not really. Essentially, pentacene is a purple powder that slowly degrades upon exposure to […]

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Trepaneringsritualen and Sutekh Hexen – One Hundred Year Storm

Trepaneringsritualen and Sutekh Hexen are two artists that have received a fair amount of notoriety in recent years. Known for their performance at Stella Natura, and the coverage by folks like us here at Heathen Harvest, they have come to represent the Night element of these dark spheres we all reside in as a sub-culture, […]

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Appalachian Winter – Ghosts of the Mountains

In the distance is the thunderous echo of canons firing, as a battle chant begins. Rebellion within the Young Nation is a fairly obvious song title, reflecting on the history of the United States in a very unbiased way, as something that is simply part of this one man’s reflection on the world he lives in. […]

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Infernal Awakening – Enlightened By Lucifer’s Flame

The album title Enlightened By Lucifer’s Flame leaves little doubt as to Infernal Awakening‘s style and purpose. True to the artist I reckon has most inspired them, Infernal Awakening‘s technical chops are impressive; Tempest’s cluttered, biting riffs get the right sort of aggression across, and Anchalagon’s drumwork is impressive, for his speed and punishment of […]

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Usnea – Usnea

We have become prisoners within these city walls, begging with a bowl for droppings from the feast of abundance. Our waters are poisoned in this modern faux baptismal rite of the modern world. Trapped within a world of survival, our refuge of the woods is under constant threat.  In this strange dichotomy of an adoration of […]

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Manifesto – Rust

A deeply synthetic atmosphere and pristine field recordings are turning Manifesto’s Rust in one of the most impressive Silken Tofu releases to date. This album, which is now two years old doesn’t need you to adjust to its environment or to enter a certain mood. From the very first second you are already there. It’s impressive what an immensity […]

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Grey Frequency – Immersion

Grey Frequency may be called a newcomer in the dark ambient scene, but only if you’re someone who hasn’t ventured deep down to the grimmest depths of the genre. Gavin Morrow has been releasing works under this monicker for two years now and his new album is a good reason to get introduced to his work. Immersion was published […]

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Desiderii Marginis – Hypnosis

Desiderii Marginis is a one-man project that has consistently delivered variations upon a vision; a certain style that is backed up by a competent handling of aural texture and tightly honed minimalism. Hypnosis, rather than showing any kind of weariness or creative drain, is instead a gargantuan two-disc release which takes the project to a […]

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Andrew King Leipzig Recessional Crop

Andrew King – Leipzig Recessional

Growing up in Australia, there is a strong emphasis on remembrance. Remembrance comes to us in many forms: education in schools, dedicated public holidays, and dates in the calendar to mark a significant victory or loss. Sadly these dates on our calendar are falling by the wayside. Our attention is drawn to the bank holidays, […]

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