EXCLUSIVE: Premiering Statiqbloom’s New Video “Atrophy of Three”

STATIQBLOOM “ATROPHY OF THREE” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Shot, Edited, and Directed by Gretchen Heinel Brooklyn’s Statiqbloom is the dark hallucinogenic brainchild of Fade Kainer. Drawing from the grittiness of early ...

Heathen Harnow

Scandinavian Petrichor; an Interview with Heathen Harnow

.:.SCANDINAVIAN PETRICHOR.:. An Interview with Heathen Harnow by Patrick Bertlein ___ Heathen Harnow has come forth from the dark forests of Scandinavia to bring the world soundtracks for Heathen ceremonies ...

Altered Balance a Tribute to Coil Crop

“Altered Balance: a Tribute to Coil” by Jeremy Reed and Karolina Urbaniak

It should go without saying that few artists to emerge out of industrial music have been as revered in their lifetimes as the two who were taken from their families, ...

News Ingathering


Karl Records: Releases by Zeitkratzer + Haino, Morton Subotnick, and Lou Reed ‘Metal Machine Music’

In the next couple of weeks three new releases will see the light ...

[Events] The Visible College Autumn Session: Glastonbury

The Visible College are hosting their  highly recommended Autumn Session in Glastonbury ...

[Events] Harvest Moon Pagan & Occult Festival

Peter Grey will be speaking on Lucifer and the Fallen Angels at ...

Tashi Dorji LP + Six Organs in Studio

Proper debut album from Asheville-based guitarist Tashi Dorji, and first release on Ben Chasny‘s Hermit Hut label. ...
A Tribute to Euronymous

Hospital Productions Presents: A Tribute to Euronymous

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 Nothing Changes / Home Sweet Home 131 Chrystie ...

Out Now on Bastet Recordings: ‘SOL’ by Occultist and Sound Artist Michael Idehall

SOL is the work of Swedish occultist and sound artist Michael Idehall. ...

Just Harvested

Sturmpercht 1

Double Feature: Sturmpercht – Alpenglühen + Bergentrückt

Sturmpercht is an interesting musical group that combines traditional alpine folk with the more modern occurrence of neofolk as well as, at times, borrow from their psych folk brethren with a firm grasp of experimentalism. The Austrian act draws inspiration from the traditions and stories of the pre-Christian Alpine people, which is reflected both in […]

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Har Belex Fragile Time does not Forgive

Har Belex / Fragile – Time does not Forgive

When I was around fifteen years old and in high school, like many teenagers at that particular point in time, the era of illegal downloading had just begun and many of us were gleefully packing as much relevant music onto our parents’ hard drives as we could possibly download behind the limitations of a 56k […]

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Rome A Passage to Rhodesia

Rome – A Passage to Rhodesia

Poetry: so many in this era claim to hold the keys to the hidden tongues that are locked behind its ancient doors, but as the traditional cliché of “all bark and no bite” rightly implies, so often it is the few who rarely speak of themselves in such a light that are the true masters […]

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The Muskets

EXCLUSIVE: Premiering The Muskets’ “Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys”

“Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys” is The Muskets’ take on a classic, anthemic American folk song that has, in part, shared many of its verses with “The Song of the Vermonters” since the late eighteenth century.  Through this track, The Muskets have harnessed an altogether new level of power through the bombastic percussion that both b9 […]

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Scout Paré-Phillips – Fields of Ash

Harvest’s Yield II: Scout Paré-Phillips – Fields of Ash 7″

For our second Harvest’s Yield giveaway we are celebrating the current Scout Paré-Phillips – Blood and Sun Mid-West/East Coast Tour. This month we’re offering a copy of Scout Paré-Phillips‘ Fields of Ash vinyl 7″ (Pesanta Urfolk, 5/5 Review), courtesy of Radio Free Satan’s Chaos Sedated podcast. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and […]

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Action is Key; an Interview with Jack Donovan

.:.ACTION IS KEY.:. An interview with Jack Donovan by Nathan Leonard ____ Jack Donovan stands in many circles. He is the author of The Way of Men (2012) and A Sky without Eagles (2014), books about masculinity, a theme that pervades many circles. In a recent podcast, Donovan stated, “I’m in contact with a lot […]

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Death Convention Singers Death Convention Singers

Death Convention Singers – Death Convention Singers

There is comfort to be had in numbers, even for people like myself who prefer solitude and introversion. The central role that food plays in many cultures, for example, has as much to do with its sharing with friends and loved ones, as it does with the food itself. So what happens if you apply […]

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Dogs Blood Rising

Poetic Lines on the Art of Dying; Current 93’s “Dogs Blood Rising” Turns 30

Poetic Lines on the Art of Dying Current 93’s “Dogs Blood Rising” Turns 30 Written by Conor Wrigley and Sage ___ Current 93 is a name that anyone with even a menial working knowledge of neofolk or the greater whole of post-industrial music will instantly recognize. Having found its beginnings in David Tibet’s native England […]

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New Release From Awen ‘Grim King of the Ghosts’ Coming Soon from Old Europa Cafe

The second album from Awen, five years in the making, stands as a sonic dedication to the ties that bind this world to the spectral. The album is rooted in the concept of the Grim Grey King, which forms a binding tie throughout with interpretations and translations of the opening poem featured in Swedish, German and […]

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Saor Aura

Saor – Aura

As a citizen of the New World, it is often a difficult proposition to feel grounded to one’s roots. Both sides of my family have been gone from Europe for nearly 250 years, so any family connections to the Old World are now long forgotten. I am of Northern European descent, being half Germanic and […]

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