Live Report: Bädr Vogu, Akatharsia, Folivore, & Fórn at Sutro Baths, San Francisco

BÄDR VOGU | AKATHARSIA | FOLIVORE | FÓRN Live at Sutro Baths in San Francisco, California on August 10th, 2014 Written by Custom Photography by Martha Yesenia at Veiled Light ...

Nikolas Schreck Main

In Her Thrall; an Interview with Nikolas Schreck

.:.IN HER THRALL.:. An Interview with Nikolas Schreck by Alexander Nym After 20 years of absence from the stages of this world, Nikolas Schreck reemerges with messages from another. ___ ...

Strength Through Joy (Lisbon, 2006) Main

Hidden in the Leaves; an Interview with Strength Through Joy

.:.HIDDEN IN THE LEAVES.:. An Interview with Strength Through Joy Introduction by Michael Moynihan Interview by Chad Hensley ___ Strength Through Joy is an enigma and often a seeming contradiction ...

News Ingathering

Sangre De Muerdago Sept 15 2014 Resized Crop

Heathen Harvest Presents: Sangre de Muerdago, Harrow, Scythe Bearer Live in Vancouver

LIVE AT THE RED GATE Vancouver, B.C., Canada 855 East Hastings More ...

Death in June -‘The Guilty Have No Pride’ Vinyl Re-issue

Death in June formed from the remains of  political punk band Crisis ...

Raubbau: Megaptera – Nailed on Vinyl LP

Raubbau is proud to resurrect another legend from beyond the grave. Megaptera ...

Projekt: Dirk Serries – The Origin Reversal (vidnaObmana)‏

 Dirk Serries – The Origin Reversal (Pre-Order, shipping early-September) CD $15 | ...
Sagittarius Dream and Dust Crop

Sagittarius’ “Dreams and Dust” Free to Download for 24 Hours

Available for free download for 24 hours only: Sagittarius – Dreams and ...

Neuropa Records: New Releases by Der Blaue Reiter & Roses Never Fade

Der Blaue Reiter – Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’Adieu Du Silence After ...

Just Harvested

Luciernaga Collected Works 2008-2013 Crop

Luciernaga – Collected Works 2008-2013

Luciernaga is a one-man experimental ambient project from Brooklyn that is helmed by Fabrica Records founder Joao Da Silva. Collected Works 2008-2013 is a fairly traditional compilation of previously unreleased tracks and a selection of the artist’s best works from albums that have already been published. The word rarities also comes to mind as I read […]

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Least silent2

“The Least Silent of Men” by Adel Souto

For humans, the act of speech is perhaps the most important form of communication, and communication is of vital necessity for social interaction, which most rely upon for survival. These days individual self-expression is seen as one of the highest values. Every person must be given the ability to voice an opinion and this “right” […]

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Thou Heathen

Thou – Heathen

Baton-Rouge-based purveyors of intricate yet devastatingly dirty doom/sludge metal Thou have been oozing forth an ever-more impressive and expansive selection of wares since back in 2007 and are, by now, firmly established as one of the more baroque and productive bands in the scene. Although Heathen may be their first full-length album of all-new material […]

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Loud & Sad Flase Intimacy

Loud & Sad – False Intimacy

There’s something so very emotionally fragile about this cassette album titled False Intimacy by Loud & Sad. Perhaps the album’s title itself or group name subliminally suggested this fragility to me, but there seemed to be some other psychic understanding at work here, something beyond words or instinct. It was as if I held in […]

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Gog Gog

Gog – Gog

This self-titled effort from Gog has been a long time coming for me.  Though Michael Bjella‘s project has long since found recognition through several well-received releases on Milwaukee’s Utech Records and, most recently, with King of the Monsters, my last personal excursion with the music of Gog was 2007’s _Noriah Mills EP on Bjella’s own […]

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Yannick Franck Memorabilia

Yannick Franck – Memorabilia

Memorabilia is music from a different level, dimension, realm, you name it. For the past few years, Yannick Franck has maintained a sustainable level of high-quality electro-acoustic releases that were fitting of the drone, ambient and post-industrial genre tags. However, he approaches music not just as an always-challenging composer and performer, but as an ever-experimenting […]

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S.Q.E. 5+4

S.Q.E. – 5+4

When I’m checking out some music for the first time I tend to leave it alone at least for the first listen. I mean, I read no press notes, neither bio or back story. I like to keep it surprising and intriguing and let the music find its way through me first, then try to […]

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Keli Zéro

Keli – Zéro

Four years have passed since Keli’s Zéro was released by the very interesting and obscure French label OPN. I quickly gave up on going back in time through search engines to dig up information about the album or some older opinions and other media feedback. Instead, I chose to let the music itself take me […]

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The Moon is Hungry

Various Artists – The Moon is Hungry

Released as an impressive double-cassette on the Intangible Cat imprint, The Moon is Hungry features four sound artists who work within various eccentric musical fields. The four artists include Homogenized Terrestrials, Andrew Quitter, Cruudeuces, and Dog Hallucination, and their individual offerings serve up a wide range of sounds that fall upon intersecting lines of ambient, […]

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Sonne Hagal

Exclusive: Sonne Hagal Premiere New Track “The Shapes of Things to Come”

Featuring two poems from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay as its chorus, this new track from Sonne Hagal, “The Shapes of Things to Come”, is the opening song for their forthcoming album Ockerwasser.  It is a song that is, in itself, a bit of a dichotomy: the music takes the approach of the […]

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