Fovea Hex

Behind All Bones There’s a Tongue of Flame; an Interview with Clodagh Simonds of Fovea Hex

.:.Behind All Bones There’s a Tongue of Flame.:. An Interview with Clodagh Simonds of Fovea Hex by Rebecca C. Brooks ___ Clodagh Simonds’ remarkable musical career began in her early ...

The Covenant Festival

Live Report: Covenant Festival Day I

COVENANT FESTIVAL DAY I Christian Mistress | Spell | Order of the Solar Temple | Harrow July 11, 2015 | Vancouver, BC, Canada | Hindenburg Written by Conor Fynes ___ ...

Rose-marie Larsen Main

Confessions of a Sinflower; an Interview with Rose-Marie Larsen of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

.:.CONFESSIONS OF A SINFLOWER.:. An Interview with Rose-Marie Larsen of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio by Tracy T. ___ For sixteen years and counting, Tomas Pettersson and Rose-Marie Larsen have been composing ...

News Ingathering


Summer’s Wane Dark Folk Festival in Vermont + Compilation

Intimate invite only dark folk festival in Vermont to pay tribute to ...

New and Upcoming Vinyl on Narshardaa Records

Thurm is a brand new band with with (ex-) members of Anteater ...

‘Saavun Vaikken Kulkisi’ The Debut Release From Pyhä Kuolema Gets a Re-release This July

Traditional to the bone, but still clearly finding it’s own sound despite ...

Estigmas – The Short Movie & Music Compilation With Music From Puissance, Der Blutharsch, The Protagonist, and More

A Film by Jose Moral & José Luis Martínez: During World War ...

Sabbath Assembly Set Release Date for Fifth Album, Premiere First Video and Album Trailer

Today, Svart Records announces September 11th as the international release date for ...

Dark Bombastic Evening 6: Agalloch, Sangre de Muerdago, Nebelung + Many More

After taking a one year break, DBE has recharged its batteries for ...

Just Harvested

Troum Dreaming Muzak Crop

Troum – Dreaming Muzak

Drone—pure drone—is largely a two-sided listening experience for me.  Generally speaking, I either attain a strange sort of half-dreaming state, or I don’t.  In some cases (more often than not, I’m afraid), my mind and my ears fuse together; I hear the gently shifting layers of processed noise and notice how they rise and fall […]

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Kratherion Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes Crop

Kratherion – Mantra Lucifer Flagelantes

The fact that Kratherion released a demo lovingly entitled Nuclear Black Mass of the Goat Radiations some years ago might give you some indication as to the band’s sound. It might be argued that no other continent has expressed such a fervour for the groundwork laid by the likes of Blasphemy and Beherit as South […]

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Phil-Legard-Angelystor Crop

Phil Legard – Angelystor

It’s only fair as a critic within the post-industrial scene, to now and then give yourself the opportunity to listen to an album from an alternative genre. This helps to maintain a fresh perspective on your preferred choice of music. Having a preponderance of material pass through the Heathen Harvest Periodical, I didn’t need to […]

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Suffocation Pinnacle of Bedlam Crop

Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam

A used copy of Souls to Deny has been lingering about in my CD collection for years now, but I can’t say I’ve ever been too excited about Suffocation, much less the work they’ve been churning out post-reunion. The legendary significance of Effigy of the Forgotten is not lost on me; given the sort of […]

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timeMOTHeye Undeath

timeMOTHeye – Undeath

For some odd reason, I have had a long and all-too-intimate relationship with Timothy Renner’s music for quite some time now. From Stone Breath to Albawitch and MothMasque, I have already spent hours upon hours listening to, analyzing, and discussing this individual’s music. At this point, I thought I instantly knew what to expect, so […]

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Letum The Fifth State of Grief Crop

Letum – The Fifth State of Grief

After eight years of silence, Mathias Henriksson of Letum has returned with a new aural epic of dark ambient compositions. What was assumed to be his final album, Broken, was released on the legendary yet sadly now-defunct Swedish imprint Cold Meat Industry. This time around, Henriksson himself is the sole proprietor of the new album, […]

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Alex Cobb Chantepleure

Alex Cobb – Chantepleure

The last record from Cincinnati’s Alex Cobb that I can recall having listened to was his 2012 LP, Passage to Morning, which was of course released on his own Students of Decay imprint—a celebrated underground label that most drone fans should already be well aware of. Now three years later, I’ve found myself fairly interested […]

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Richard Leviathan - Feature Banner

Live Report: Ostara (Richard Leviathan) in Los Angeles

Ostara (Richard Leviathan) Live at Sabor y Cultura in Los Angeles, CA – May 30th, 2015 Written by Nicholas Diak   |   Photographed by Michele Brittany  ___ On the eastern edge of Hollywood, just at the border of Thai Town, sits the corner coffee shop, Sabor y Cultura. The exterior of this coffee shop looks modern, […]

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Subterranean Disposition Subterranean Disposition Crop

Subterranean Disposition – Subterranean Disposition

I am actually surprised that Subterranean Disposition marks the first time I’ve heard the howling apes from Kubrick‘s 2001: A Space Odyssey sampled in music. Though it’s been over two decades since I first saw the film, hearing that primitive screeching still unnerves me. Knowing how to put that ingredient to best use—as an overlay […]

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Horizons Far East Myth Crop

Far East Myth – Horizons

Although Far East Myth have allegedly been together since 2012, there is very little information readily available about them. Until the release of this debut EP late last month, they didn’t have so much as a demo for us to listen to. Their label, Sun Chariot Records, was only officially founded earlier this year. Nonetheless, […]

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