Live Report: Valentine’s Day with Posh Isolation and Northern Electronics

Valentine’s Day with Posh Isolation and Northern Electronics Copenhagen, Denmark; February 14, 2015 Written by Anna Wim  |  Photography by Aphinya ___ Getting pushed, kicked, and splashed with alcohol at ...

Bizarre Uproar

My Little Brown Book; an Interview with Bizarre Uproar

.:.MY LITTLE BROWN BOOK.:. An Interview with Bizarre Uproar By Jarno Alander ___ It is January 17, 2015, and your humble servant is back at the Kaapelitehdas complex in Helsinki. ...

Le Seul Element

Exclusive: Premiering Le Seul Elément’s New Track “Tehee”

Le Seul Elément is the solo project of a mysterious French musician who prefers not to reveal his true identity, mainly due to the way he sees this artistic project. ...

News Ingathering

Et Nihil Thus

Et Nihil’s New Self-released Vinyl EP “Thus” is Now Available

Today, Et Nihil‘s latest release, a four-track 7″ EP entitled Thus, was ...

[Event] Pharmakon + Aaron Dilloway at Oberlin College 3/3/2015

 SUPC Presents: Pharmakon + Aaron Dilloway Tuesday, 3/3 10PM The ‘Sco $3 w/ ...

New Releases From Nekros Manteia and Aderlating

Aderlating – Gold Streams From The Angel’s Throat Part 1 Cassette   First ...

Retortae: Rapoon ‘Dark Zero’ 2LP and CD Bundles Available Now

Rapoon – Dark Zero The special edition  is a stickered black plastic ...

2LP from Northaunt, ‘The Prisoner’s Cinema’ from Apocryphos + Coming Soon… Karjalan Sissit and a 6CD Box Set/Book from Kammarheit

After some delays the Northaunt “Istid I-II” 2LP version is now available and they ...

Out Now From Prison Tatt Records: Yellow Eyes – Stillicide 12″ EP

It’s here! The pro-cassette edition of Stillicide having sold out, this is ...

Just Harvested

Et Nihil Onus Crop

Et Nihil – Onus

Luftwaffe are dead! Long live Et Nihil! In 2013, Luftwaffe’s departure album Dissension left a hole in the heart of the fans of what, for years, had been hailed as one of the most representative bands in the cauldron of contemporary neofolk. Featuring the frequent participation of several big names from the scene (Douglas P., […]

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Judicator – At the Expense of Humanity

Salt Lake City’s Judicator have become a cult darling of the US power metal scene in recent years on the strength of their first two records, “King of Rome” and “Sleepy Plessow,” both of which were couched in historical subject matter. Their third outing “At the Expense of Humanity,” produced on the back of a successful […]

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Mor Liholesie Death Comes from the North Crop

Mor / Liholesie – Death Comes from the North

With winter at its peak here in the frost-crowned kingdoms of Scandinavia, it feels suiting to review an album with the ominous title Death Comes from the North. Myrkr Records is behind this limited LP release that was recorded back in 2007, and it contains music from the obscure Russian projects Mor and Liholesie. Of […]

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Splendor Solis – Letum…Non Omnia Finit

The Splendor Solis is a richly illuminated alchemical manuscript dating from around 1532. Seven treatises and twenty-two colourful illustrations replete with symbolism depicting the alchemical death and rebirth of the king, which incorporates a series of seven flasks, each depicting an operation in the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone. ”The Splendor Solis sets forth the philosophy of alchemy, a […]

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YOB Clearing the Path to Ascend

YOB – Clearing the Path to Ascend

I have to admit, my initial impressions of Yob’s seventh full-length, Clearing the Path to Ascend, were wrought with both disappointment and a degree of nostalgia for the trippy, cosmic atmospherics that seemed to define the band’s first four albums. Since Yob’s reincarnation following the demise of Middian—Mike Scheidt’s angrier, more aggressive creative outlet after […]

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Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell Vague Traces Crop

Phillip Wilkerson & Chris Russell – Vague Traces

Ambient music is an elusive and tricky thing to master.  There’s a fine line between engaging the listener and losing them; there’s a point where the listener’s conscious and subconscious begin to bleed together, tugged and coaxed by the music.  The music leads you, but neither too gently nor too strongly.  When ambient music works […]

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Emerson Dracon La Capital De Todos Los Males Crop

Emerson Dracon – La Capital de Todos Los Males

Music at its most dangerous is often political or transformational to some degree. It can change your perception of the world, educate you, and at times even enlighten you. Emerson Dracon seems to reveal a reflection of his native land’s political disarray. It begins with a militant drum and other instruments to depict the patented […]

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Pacific 231 & Bardoseneticcube The Traditions of Changes Crop

Pacific 231 & Bardoseneticcube – The Traditions of Changes

As you may have guessed if you have already come across my review of the new EUS, Postdrome & Saåad collaborative album, I do have a strong sentiment for such international and long-distance creative processes. It’s with that in mind that I was more than eager to hear what Pacific 231 and Bardoseneticcube were able […]

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TeHÔM Lacrimae Mundi

TeHÔM – Lacrimae Mundi

When I first received Lacrimae Mundi, my first thought was that it had a damn smashing cover. It depicted a Therian birdman kneeling before a bonfire in the perfect image of a dreamlike shamanic ceremony; it was otherworldly yet connected to our strange standing in the universe. Those inquisitive and observant followers of the Harvest might […]

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Apocryphos The Prisoners Cinema Crop

Apócrýphos – The Prisoners Cinema

One of the most harrowing experiences imaginable, I think, is being trapped in captivity—caught in isolation, every moment filled with fear and uncertainty, days bleeding into each other until all sense of time is lost.  I wonder what happens to the mind in such situations. Does it implode?  Expand?  Perhaps a bit of both?  It’s […]

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