Grift Main

EXCLUSIVE: Premiering the Video for GRIFT’s “Svältorna”

It’s been a few years now since Erik Gärdefors began his work as Grift—shortly, in fact, after Daemon Worship Productions took on his “other” project in Arfsynd and unleashed its ...

Michael Cashmore Main

Forthcoming from Trisol: Nature & Organisation’s “Snow Leopard Messiah”

Michael Cashmore‘s iconic Nature & Organisation—perhaps the most radiant yet short-lived pillar of the original generation of neofolk artists—is about to see a long–awaited reissue of two influential albums, Beauty ...

Gretchen Heinel Main

Whisper of Decay; an Interview with Gretchen Heinel

.:.WHISPER OF DECAY.:. An Interview with Gretchen Heinel by S. L. Weatherford ___ Like many others, my introduction into the work of Gretchen Heinel was through the medium of music ...

News Ingathering


Theologian To Release ‘A Means By Which To Break The Surface Of The Real’ LP Via Redscroll Records

NYC-area-based dark industrial unit, Theologian , will deliver its next ominous output with ...
Jerome Reuter Main

Rome’s “A Passage to Rhodesia” & “Nos Chants Perdus” to Get Vinyl Treatment + “Anthology 2005-2015″

You read that right!  After a year-long wait for A Passage to ...

New Releases From The Russian Underground: Reutoff, DMT, Kshatriy, and Bad Sector

Ultimatum by DMT is the second album in Die Zeichen series run by kultFRONT ...

Out of the Shadows: A Cornucopia from the Psychedelic Press

We are very delighted to able to announce the publication Out of the ...

Hospital Productions: New Releases by Alessandro Cortini, Exoteric Continent and Akitsa

Alessandro Cortini – Risveglio Though known as a touring and recording musician ...

Destruction Unit and Rose McDowall pre-orders

Destruction Unit return with Negative Feedback Resistor, their follow up 2013’s Deep Trip. ...

Just Harvested

Tokul Alpine Graves

Tokul – Alpine Graves

Tokul is yet another project that has been making noisy waves around the Seattle area as of late. We have quite the proficient and eccentric scene here, from Microscopic Suffering to Pathogens to 100 Pieces (now members of Eye of Nix), and often these bands mix in with the metal world, colliding to form a […]

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King Dude Songs of Flesh & Blood Crop

King Dude – Songs of Flesh & Blood — In the Key of Light

I first stumbled across King Dude in 2013 through his collaboration with the ethereal Chelsea Wolfe, Sing Songs Together… I appreciated the mix of rugged Americana sounds and creeping occultic darkness in “Satan’s Ghost,” and decided to hunt down some of TJ Cowgill’s work. The biggest problem with Burning Daylight was that it was incredibly […]

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Exclusive Podcast: The Forest Passage – Episode 5

  .:.THE FOREST PASSAGE – EPISODE 5.:. July 2015 ___ With this episode I’ll be taking the podcast into a more conversational format, including news, concert announcements, and thoughts on articles published here on Heathen Harvest. It’s just myself this week, but once I get some technical details sorted out I’ll have another Heathen Harvest contributor joining me to […]

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Youth Code A Place to Stand Crop

Youth Code – A Place to Stand

The essence of the group consisting of Sara Taylor and Ryan William George is similar to Star Wars (bear with me here) in that the band dwell within a universe of the “used future.” Youth Code inhabit a world of a hand-me-downs from our parents’ heyday. The relics of the past still hang around in […]

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Romowe Rikoito Undeina Crop

Romowe Rikoito – Undēina

The Baltic lands glimmer like a fantasy realm, a world left over from the remnants of Prussia that is buried behind the history of Germany and Scandinavia to the North. Romowe Rikoito, hailing from Lithuania, speaks of lands and Gods that have yet to be conquered by the tides of the modern world. Scarcely has […]

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Murderous Vision Ghosts of the Soul Long Lost Volume Three Crop

Murderous Vision – Ghosts of the Soul Long Lost Volume Three

Ghosts of the Soul Long Lost Volume Three is quite a daunting release, both in terms of quality and quantity.  Prepare yourself for three-plus hours of grinding power electronics and classic death industrial, courtesy of Stephen Petrus‘s Murderous Vision.  Commemorating twenty years of activity covering multiple split and solo releases, Ghosts of the Soul Long […]

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Hidden Place Retrospettiva 2004-2014 Crop

Hidden Place – Retrospettiva: 2004-2014

Any band with longevity and an expansive repertoire of music at some point must consider releasing a retrospective compilation. Hidden Place, who have had over a decade of activity, have now reached such a point in their career. Retrospettiva: 2004-2014 is one of two Hidden Place retrospective collections released by Peripheral Minimal in 2014, the […]

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Utopiae #1 Crop

Utopiae – EP #1

With a title like EP #1 and being Konrad Schubert’s debut release under his newly christened solo moniker Utopiae, I can’t help but wonder where the second and third editions of this EP series are as this initial offering has now reached its second year of existence. Perhaps Schubert has thrown in the towel already, […]

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Victor Portsmouth Beyond Duty and Sympathy Crop

Victor Portsmouth – Beyond Duty and Sympathy

Electronic music exists as a medium for cleansing the mind of all the normal conditions of the human realm. In particular, when it reaches a state of pure and simple noise, the effect is simply cathartic. In the moments in between, it writhes and seethes as something foreign and odd, peculiar and of great interest […]

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Worship & Loss ‘Gloom Over the West’ Tour

German funeral doom pioneers, Worship alongside Tennessee-based death-doom ensemble, Loss will be embarking on an exclusive North American west coast tour this upcoming October. Additionally, the Portland-based death metal triad, Shroud of The Heretic will be opening up for both bands for the majority of scheduled dates (excluding Seattle and California shows). Worship and Loss will […]

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