Green Elder Offering Main

Exclusive: Premiering the Video for Green Elder’s “Cairn of Starlight”

Having published Patrick Bertlein’s review of the project’s debut releases in Home and Ruis just over a month ago, we’re no strangers to the eclectic folk vision that is Tennessee’s Green Elder, ...


Exclusive: Premiering Laibach’s “Koran (Alex Smoke Remix)”

Laibach’s forthcoming Spectre Digital Deluxe album is set to be unleashed just one week from today, and in anticipation of its imminent release, we are proud to present to you producer Alex Smoke‘s ...

Rome San Francisco

Rome & Worm Ouroboros Live in California in April

This April, neofolk fans on the American West Coast will be treated to two separate special opportunities to see in the flesh one of the most celebrated artists that the ...

News Ingathering

Rome Cover

Rome’s Selected Lyrics 2005-2015 by Jerome Reuter Available Now Via Heartworm Press

ROME-Selected Lyrics 2005-2015 by Jerome Reuter is a chapbook collecting fifteen of ...

Industrial Harshness, Furious Acoustic Drums and Regal Melancholy From Union Finale

Andrew Hock – Crystalline Privative Opulence Crystalline Privative Opulence, a composition for ...

Ouroboros Press: 2015 Esoteric Book Conference + New Expanse Vol.1

In welcoming the change of seasons we wanted to bring attention to ...

Yerevan Tapes: Metzengerstein – ‘Alchemy to Our Days’ C50 (Pre-order)

Metzengerstein is a Tuscany-based trio formed by members of art collective Ambient-Noise ...

Test Dept – DS30 Film, Q&A + Book Launch

Marking 30 years since the 1984-5 miners’ strike, DS30 is a political ...
Utech Records

Utech Records Music Festival III – Milwaukee, WI

The third Utech Records Music Festival is scheduled for June 12-13, 2015 ...

Just Harvested

F. E. Denning Cities of Light Crop

F. E. Denning ‎- Cities of Light

Danish musician F. E. Denning is one of Posh Isolation‘s signature artists. I’m quite fond of those rare moments in today’s music world when publishers and musicians follow this sort of sustainable collaborative approach. This way you are able to follow somebody’s growth—their evolution as an artist as they craft their sound, inevitably taking unexpected turns […]

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Brandkommando Willkommen bei Uns Crop

Brandkommando – Willkommen Bei Uns!

I have to admit to avoiding Brandkommando for years. I like to think I have an open mind and broad tastes, but the project was clearly immensely productive and I quite unfairly assumed that was at the expense of quality. I also read numerous reviews and comments that suggested the project was an homage to […]

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Arv & Miljö Kropp Crop

Arv & Miljö ‎- Kropp

Kropp is the LP that closed out the 2014 release schedule for Danish label Posh Isolation, and it is an astonishing way to put another year behind them. Actually, Kropp is a record with such a back-story, and that is so saturated with emotions that it can literally put everything behind. Arv & Miljö ‎is a […]

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Smokey Emery Ex Fin De Siecle Crop

Smokey Emery – Ex Fin De Siecle

Daniel Hipolito calls his music “soundtracks for invisibility,” which is a highly fitting description.  Recording under the moniker Smokey Emery, he produces analog-based loops of experimental noise and minimal ambiance.  Ex Fin De Siecle, released in 2014 on Los Angeles, California-based Abject Renaissance, is a murky lo-fi affair, but that’s not to imply that it […]

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Exclusive Podcast: The Forest Passage – Episode 2

  .:.THE FOREST PASSAGE – EPISODE 2.:. Industrial & Power Electronics 2014/2015 ___ After being set back with various technical difficulties and with March just about to turn over, episode 2 is now mixed and available for streaming and download. While episode 1 focused on Neofolk releases from 2014, this time we’re showcasing Power Electronics & Industrial […]

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Vanessa Amara Both Of Us King Machine Crop

Vanessa Amara – Both of Us / King Machine

Regardless of the knowledge that Both of Us / King Machine is my first encounter with the Danish duo of Vanessa Amara, I’ve found this record to be abnormally difficult to comprehend. Behind this modestly misleading name, you will find Birk Gjerlufsen Nielsen and Victor Kjellerup Juhl, Like many of the other artists on Posh Isolation‘s […]

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Full of Hell Merzbow

Full of Hell & Merzbow – Collaboration

“Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.” —Bill Hicks He was most likely listening to this […]

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White Void We're Falling Crop

White Void – We’re Falling

In their debut vinyl release on Denmark’s seminal Posh Isolation imprint, White Void has given us everything—from noise-laden music that ranges from a tempo that is mid-paced to one that is dance-floor fast, We’re Falling is dominated by a blurry abrasive loudness which can really only be referred to as beautiful noise. Yes, when a ‘rock’ […]

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ShadowWoods Metal Fest – Mountain Lake Summer Camp, Fannettsburg, PA

Shadow Woods Metal Fest is a music and camping festival dedicated to bringing underground black metal, doom, death metal, acid folk and psychedelic rock together for three days of musical celebration and respect for nature. We seek to expose audiences to new, unusual and up-and-coming talent that you will not see at the major music […]

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Beaten Victoriouses Terror Crop

Beaten Victoriouses – T Error

I recently digested and reviewed an album by the Iranian-turned-German black metal band Mogh; considering Mogh and Beaten Victoriouses are both fronted by the same Lord Faustoos, it’s well-conceivable that my rather extreme response to that album has coloured the way I’ve approached T Error. Indeed, Mogh’s three-hour-long demo Sacrifice the Symbols was one of […]

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