EXCLUSIVE: New Track from Abre Ojos’ New Album, “Gates”, Streaming now!

“Abre Ojos is a mechanical beast, portrayed through the Occult sense of Creation through divine Will. It is the inanimate object brought to life, by the use of machinery and human ...


The Worst Is Yet To Come: an Interview With Peter Andersson of Deutsch Nepal

Along with Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now), Deutsch Nepal is one of the co-founders of the genre-defining Cold Meat Industry (CMI) label operating out of Sweden. CMI paved the way ...


Sanctum Interview; The Apparatus of Expression

Sanctum have been my special little secret for many years now, a group roughly in the Industrial genre that I have always been saddened was not known more, and proud to have ...

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[Literary News] Clavicula Nox -V- Magic & Mayhem to be Published at Walpurgis Night 2014

We raise our glass to Gods, the spirits and the beasts, to ...

[Music] Rome: “A Passage to Rhodesia” 2CD + DVD + Book Boxset – Order Now

“A Passage to Rhodesia” is ROME‘s tenth album, but it’s safe to ...

[Music] Out now on Urashima: Releases from Nyodene D, Caen, and Hypnosis

Nyodene D – Mouths that Reap the Harvest LP Recorded in 2013 ...

[Music] Tonefloat:Ikon |New releases and exclusive live events to come

We are currently brooding on some exciting news which we hope to ...

[Music] New Releases by Clay Rendering & Prurient

Clay Rendering - Waters Above the Firmament – 12″ This second EP from ...

[Music] T.O.M.B.: Select Rare Works From Black / Industrial Metal Cult Now Playing

As Crucial Blast prepares for the disbursement of the Pennhurst / Xesse obscure works ...

Just Harvested

Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love

Of The Wand And The Moon – Live At The Lodge Of Imploded Love

I am both the best and the worst person to be reviewing this live album from Of The Wand And The Moon. The thing is, I am not a huge fan of this band, which would strike many as a surprise if they were to know me. I simply never really gave them the time of […]

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Lonsai Maikov Decembre au mont des Oliviers Crop

Lonsai Maikov – Décembre au Mont des Oliviers

Now, before I begin this review, let me preamble that I have met the mastermind of this album and can vouch for his absolute integrity as a person and artist; he is one of the many seekers that I am lucky to have crossed paths with in the so-called “Neofolk” realm. But this does not […]

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Hologram Geometrical Keys

Hologram_ – Geometrical Keys

“Listening to a concept album, like reading a book, may be worrying when you are likely to get lost in a distant unconscious… some geometric vision of a well presented illusion… a story where you have to let yourself fall into the maze. The sound experience can now begin… are you able to find the […]

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Black Seas of Infinity Interview; Bornless, I Have Become

Salt Lake City is noted for being the capital of Utah and the world headquarters of Mormonism. Interestingly, the celebrated porn stars Belladonna and Cytherea both hail from the city. One thing you wouldn’t expect to find flourishing there, though, is ritualistic occult ambient music. Yet from this inhospitable desert terrain, the exotic nightshade blossom of Black Seas Of Infinity (BSOI) has sprung […]

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Quackadoodledoo; a David E. Williams interview

An Interview with David E. Williams Conducted by Nathan Leonard Several Years back there was a small business in my neighborhood called Germ Books and Gallery. As the name suggests, it was a bookshop and art gallery. It was located just a few blocks from my house, and I, being a bookshop enthusiast, soon became a regular customer. […]

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Fury 161 – Armageddons Maw

It doesn’t take much these days to sense that humanity is most certainly on its last trembling leg – worsening strife between people, the monolithic rise of the military-industrial complex and its cultivation of constant war in practically every part of the globe, severe and distressing economic inequality and a wealth gap that yawns wider […]

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Producer Snafu – Songs of Sorrow

For Benjamin Pena (AKA Producer Snafu), creating music is a very serious endeavor. There are apparently no ifs, ands, or buts about making music. He states on his Bandcamp page: “Suicide would be the only other thing I can think of if I wasn’t able to make music” Fortunately, Benjamin doesn’t much feel like dying […]

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Plurals – Bugenès Melissae

My first introduction to Plurals was on Glass Crocodile Medicine, the collaborative release with Aidan Baker of Nadja fame, a release that I gave a very positive review. It turns out, that in some cases when people combine their talents, it does not always mean the best way to showcase ones capabilities. An obvious case in point is the J2 collaboration, by Justin […]

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Totengeflüster – Vom Seelensterben

Totengeflüster is the kind of Black Metal that has largely been forgotten over the past few years. Neither relying on over the top Occult imagery, although it still certainly exists, nor focused on being completely raw, it is hard to place them in today’s BM world. They above all are a Symphonic Black Metal band, […]

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Mister S From whence we Hail Onward! Into the Mystery

Mister S – From whence we Hail — Onward! Into the Mystery

On the 13th of December, 2013, I reviewed Mister S‘ Self-titled release and promised an exploration of the imminent follow-up From whence we Hail – Onward! Into the Mystery‘. I have returned to deliver on that promise: The music style here is a continuation of the self-titled release, with a comparable approach and familiar textures, […]

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