Exclusive: Premiering New Track From Cawatana’s Forthcoming Release ‘Decline of Privileges’

After five years, Cawatana have finally decided to finish and publish the second part of their mini-album, Advocation for Privileges (originally released by Eis & Licht in 2010), for their forthcoming concert at ...

Dominic Main

D. Marceau Continues Tear Across Underground with New Videos for Northumbria & Compactor

As a subject that we hit away on recently in our interview with Gretchen Heinel, who has directed videos for everyone from Theologian to Lord Mantis, it is understandably the ...


Bringing out the Dead: The Ethics and Advisability of Postmortem Releases

.:.BRINGING OUT THE DEAD.:. The Ethics and Advisability of Postmortem Releases by Kate MacDonald ___ Following the death of her spinster sister in 1886, Lavinia Dickinson honoured a promise to ...

News Ingathering


Ektro Records is Proud to Release Sándor Vály’s Fictional Reconstruction of The Lost Opera Die Toteninsel

Collaborating with pianist and composer Éva Polgár, Vály explores the meanings embedded ...

Available Now: ‘Sequencer Works Volume Two’ by Arvo Zylo + ‘The Pleasure Tunnel / The Temple of Paradise’ by Bryan Lewis Saunders & Arvo Zylo

Copies of the Sequencer Works Volume Two are available!  This also marks the ...

Two New Releases Out of Poland: Echoes of Yul ‘The Healing’ and HATI ‘Metanous’ Out Now

Metanous” is HATI’s third album on Zoharum, but the first one including ...

New Releases: A CD + LP From Genocide Organ and Box Set From Satori

Genocide Organ have hidden in the jungles, hills, deserts, slums and cities ...

New Tapes From Grøn and Mise En Abyme

Grøn is the solo project of Bjarke Rasmussen, also owner and founder ...

SUNN O))) To Release New Studio Album, ‘Kannon’ Through Southern Lord In December

It comes with immense pleasure for Southern Lord Recordings to announce the ...

Just Harvested

DEAES - Live in Anaheim

Live Report: DEAES & The Blood Wisdom in Anaheim

Live at the Sanctum Sanctorum in Anaheim, CA – August 29, 2015 Written by Nicholas Diak | Photographed by Michele Brittany ___ At the center of Anaheim, California is Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Its spires and roller coasters stand in triumph in the daytime sky, while at night, fireworks sound off with bombastic fanfare. […]

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Et Nihil Awen Runes Writ in Rust Crop

Et Nihil / Awen – Runes Writ in Rust

There was a time back in the late days of 2011, shortly after we chose to bring Heathen Harvest back to life, that I had developed what was perhaps an ill-advised opinion that American neofolk was faltering in many of the same ways that its European brethren were—less in terms of a lack of quality, […]

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Der Blutharsch The Cosmic Trigger Crop

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand – The Cosmic Trigger

I’d like to beg your indulgence, if I may, and open with a confession. Prior to listening to The Cosmic Trigger, I had actively avoided Der Blutharsch since hearing them in passing in the early 2000s and assuming that they were still purveyors of dark ambient-tinged martial industrial with neoclassical leanings. They were, upon first […]

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Dog Hallucination Serving Two Masters Crop

Dog Hallucination – Serving Two Masters

I really like not knowing anything about a piece of art when I go into it.  It gives me the freedom to draw my own conclusions without being clouded by what someone else (including the artist) has told me I’m meant to feel.  As far as I can tell from the liner notes, Dog Hallucination […]

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Lurker of Chalice Lurker of Chalice Crop

Lurker of Chalice – Self-titled

There have been times I’ve been asked by people with less vitriolic musical taste than my own how I could enjoy listening to such nihilistic music. I’ve found that there’s never any getting through to people who demand art to have a purely positive, life-affirming intention, but I would argue that most music of a […]

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Written in Blood by Mindaugas Peleckis | Everything Comes From Blood, or It’s Nothing at All

“Of all that is written, I love only what a person hath written with his blood. Write with blood, and thou wilt find that blood is spirit.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Written in Blood by Lithuanian writer, journalist, music and mythology researcher Mindaugas Peleckis was really written in blood. Written in Blood by Lithuanian writer, journalist, […]

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The Soft Moon Deeper

The Soft Moon – Deeper

Whether you have visited or just seen photographs of it online, let me be clear: Venice is and always will be a mystery, and trying to solve it remains a futile effort. Romance, art, and sweet sunsets are only one side of the city—the one that looks good featured on a cliché postcard. The most […]

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Arditi’s ‘Imposing Elitism’ Finally Released on CD and Limited Edition LP

Originally available as a small-run cassette, of which the 222 copies pressed quickly sold out, Arditi’s “Imposing Elitism” has finally been released via Equilibrium Music on CD (presented in Digipak format) and LP (available both on black or gold 180 gr. vinyl, with matching covers, each limited to 250 hand-numbered copies and including download code). A […]

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SiJ The Lost World

SiJ – The Lost World

I’ve only once gone on a blind date (friends don’t let friends date me as a general rule). It was a strange experience, because the gentleman was intelligent, well read, a successful sound engineer with an interesting perspective on music, and not bad-looking. I can’t recall his name or what we talked about, because I […]

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Krank The Grimsel Path Verdant Hum Crop

Krank / The Grimsel Path – Verdant Hum

It took me some time to work out what it was exactly about Verdant Hum that reminds me so strongly of the first wave of industrial music. I’d read other reviews that referred to ‘old-school’ industrial music and the like, but I’m not particularly comfortable with such lazy references. I tried latching onto the sounds, […]

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