Exclusive: Premiering Gjöll “Beauty Will Not Be Defined”

The Icelandic duo Gjöll return with their fourth album on Ant-Zen, The Background Static of Perpetual Discontent, another graceful and mysterious offering that establishes them as one of the most truly ...

Miel Noir Main

EXCLUSIVE: Premiering Miel Noir’s “See You on the Other Side”

It’s been a long four years since Steinklang Industries issued Miel Noir‘s debut as a duo, Honey & Ash—the first evidence of Marcel P. (Allerseelen, Fahl)’s inclusion in this long-running experimental side-project ...

The Vomit Arsonist 3 Credit Gretchen Heinel MAIN

A Moment of Clarity; an Interview with the Vomit Arsonist

.:.A MOMENT OF CLARITY.:. An Interview with the Vomit Arsonist by Kathleen Chaussé ___ For just over a decade now, Andy Grant has been punishing fans of the power electronics ...

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Swans’ Songs: More Classic Reissues from Young God Records

On December 4th, Young God and the wonders of modern technology will ...

The Pagan Underground: Visit a Newly Renovated Pagan Temple in Rome

After years of painstaking renovation, a two thousand-year old pagan temple is ...

Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies

Featuring essays and interviews by many great cinematic, musical, artistic and literary ...

Three Slabs of Vinyl From Silken Tofu: All Shadows And Deliverance, Bruital Orgasme, and Onrust

All Shadows And Deliverance is the drone/noise project of Fré Decruyenaere. As ...

‘The Moons At Your Door’ by Current 93 Available For Pre-order Now

We are OverMoon to announce that the new favourite Channelling by your ...

Lovecraft Brought Back to Life

Whether you’re one of the Old Ones or a new acolyte, Cadabra Records has ...

Just Harvested

Organ Tetro

Organ – Tetro

Listening to Organ’s debut album, Tetro, is a bit like being on board a derelict vessel on a stormy sea.  The pummeling waves of riffs have a rhythmic quality to them, but it’s a rhythm that is capable of instilling seasickness in the listener—a cautionary, threatening feeling carrying with it the potential of flinging the […]

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Terror Apart Knight Rider

Terror Apart – Knight Rider

Some things are frightening simply because they are unfamiliar and difficult to identity.  That rings even truer today than when I first wrote this sentence. You do not always have to rely on conjuring images of demons or sounding like you are possessed to terrify people, although Knight Rider begins with exactly that element. Terror […]

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Chelsea Wolfe - Live in Seattle

Throwback Live Report: Chelsea Wolfe & Wovenhand in Seattle

Live at Neumos in Seattle, WA | September 29, 2015 Written & Photographed by Tracy T. ___ Serenity is a place and state of mind that music takes us to when it affects us so profoundly – it washes away all tension and uneasiness which has previously stained our consciousness. It is a state which we retreat to in […]

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TenHornedBeast The High Places Crop

TenHornedBeast – The High Places

Even the most casual fan of TenHornedBeast will tell you that Christopher Walton‘s decade-old solo project has never been a creature of brevity, making The High Places something of a musical curiosity, if not an outright anomaly. This is the same TenHornedBeast whose self-released debut CD-R topped out at nearly an hour with an epic […]

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Shackles for a Crown Self-titled Crop

Shackles for a Crown – Demo 2013

Black metal has grown to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.  From its media-sensationalized first-wave beginnings in Scandinavia to its current state as a worldwide musical phenomenon encompassing various sub-genres and oppositional worldviews, it’s been revered and reviled for its negativity and trance-inducing qualities among a diverse group of […]

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Council of Nine Dakhma

Council of Nine – Dakhma

Displaying a poise that belies its debut status, Dakhma, the first album from Council of Nine, is an exploration into ancient Zoroastrian lore wrapped in a cloak of 21st-century dark ambiance.  Lone member Maximilian Olivier has studied the genre and studied it well, but Dakhma doesn’t merely copy its influences—it is a tribute to them. […]

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Uncle Acid The Night Creeper Crop

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – The Night Creeper

The tunes of Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have a certain timelessness that conceptually and simultaneously spans several decades. Similar to previous releases, the tracks of the band’s fourth full-length, The Night Creeper, possess a cinematic quality that seems to nebulously lurk somewhere in the shadowy, low-key world of film noir cinema, the seedy, underbelly […]

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TTT-ripit Crop

Ripit – Lvnar Xtorxion

Ripit‘s latest album, Lvnar Xtorxion, is one very aggressive tape with some solid old-school artwork. The Third Type Tapes imprint has been utilizing this very specific style throughout their catalog, and they’ve certainly stuck with the tradition here. It is with Lvnar Xtorxion that Belgium’s analog master, Nicolas Esterle, who’s actually been quite productive this year, has made his return under his primary […]

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Ad Nauseam Nihil Quam Vacuitas Crop

Ad Nauseam – Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est

Avant-garde. Technical. Dissonant. These are the terms I’ve most often seen used to describe Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est at every twist and turn, so I figured it’d be prudent to get them in the open as soon as possible. Add to that the comparisons with Gorguts, Ulcerate, and Deathspell Omega, though in truth I […]

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Roses Never Fade Devil Dust Crop

Roses Never Fade – Devil Dust

I had a confused impression after opening up Devil Dust for the first time: the album title, band logo, neon green cover, and portraits inside (which seem like references to classic horror films—Dracula, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.) gave me the impression that Neuropa Records had turned to releasing psychobilly projects. This idea was, of course, […]

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