We Are The Siamese Twins of Guitar Drone; an Interview with Tim Holehouse and Peter Verwimp

.:.We Are The Siamese Twins of Guitar Drone.:. an Interview with Tim Holehouse and Peter Verwimp By Angel S. “If Peter was living in the same city, or at least the ...


Exclusive: Premiering New Track From Anatomy of Habit, “Ciphers + Axioms”

Chicago post-metal/noise rock unit, Anatomy of Habit, will unveil their Relapse debut, Ciphers + Axioms, next month. Fronted by noise icon Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded, Anatomy of Habit, boasts an all-star ...

L'effet C'est Moi MAIN

The Ancient Sun Shines Again; an Interview with L’Effet C’Est Moi

.:.THE ANCIENT SUN SHINES AGAIN.:. An Interview with L’Effet C’Est Moi by Yannis ___ Heathen Harvest: Hello Emanuele! First of all, please provide us with a brief history on how ...

News Ingathering


Ixaxaar Presents: ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume I – The Essence of Thursian Sorcery

ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume I – The Essence of Thursian Sorcery by EKORTU will ...
Statiqbloom Zex Model Crop

View the New Video for Statiqbloom’s “Behind Glass_Second Pane”

Taken from the recent split with Zex Model, which is available in ...

Scarlet Imprint to Publish ‘Reasonances’ by Occultural Pioneer Carl Abrahamsson

Reasonances is ​an anthology of selected essays, lectures and interviews by​ occultural pioneer Carl ...

Bleeps, Blasts, Drones and Noise from Fabrica Records

Sindre Bjerga - Future Jazz Loops  “Cassette player drones and kitchen sink psychedelia, ...

Cyclic Law: Organic Meditations and Dark Orchestrations, New Releases by PHURPA and Desiderii Marginis

“Hypnosis” is the eighth full length album by the long established and ...

It’s Pre-order Time at Zoharum

Orders are now being taken for four new releases. Maninkari return with their second ...

Just Harvested

Voir Dire Crop

Kentin Jivek & Miro Snejdr – Voir Dire

Though it has given birth to many moving classics, neofolk music has always had a problem with repetition and soundalikes. Any standout artist is found after wading through an ocean of Death in June and Sol Invictus worshippers. Even outstanding bands often stick to one well-tread path of their choosing and perfect it in a […]

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20.SV – The Great Sonic Wave

20.SV is one of the many projects of Osman Arabi, a guitarist/noisemaker/sound designer based in Lebanon who has explored different facets of experimental/noise/industrial music and released hours upon hours of music under different names and projects (Kafan, Seeker, Shamanic Death Trance, The Ritual Inclusion of Code, Veinen, Xardas ). His works don’t necessarily fall into […]

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Aveparthe – Landscapes over the Sea

There are two things about collaborations. They either turn out to be a one-off thing, which haunts you during your whole lifetime as something very special and one-of-a-kind, especially if it wasn’t published but only experienced live. The other option is when collaborations become a sustainable practice between artists or even give birth to a whole […]

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Vishudha Kali – Psenodakh

The least ambitious music fools you with emotion. The slightly more adept aims at telling a wordless story. Highest of all, whatever form it takes, music aims for the sublime and in this it is like other art. As such, it reaches for the unnameable, that feeling of lucid solidarity with the universe and although […]

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Askrinn – Hjørleifsljóð

“Hjørleifsljóð,” the self-released debut of the one-man black metal project Askrinn, begins so suddenly that I was taken quite aback – I wasn’t sure if the disc might have skipped, so abruptly does it plunge into its pagan metal, double-kicking and tremolo-picking groove. The brusqueness of this beginning is indicative of the album’s mindset – […]

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“You Will Die: The Burden of Modern Taboos” by Robert Arthur

When society sets up rules to prohibit certain behaviors based upon irrational assumptions and fears, we describe these rules as taboos. Taboos may begin as informal customs or manners but can gain strength to the point where frank discussion about the subject of a taboo is forbidden and in many cases laws are enacted to […]

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Three New Slaughter Productions Re-issues From Urashima

Urashima presents three new re-issues on vinyl from the Slaughter Productions back catalogue; Collection In Formaldeide from Atrax Morgue, A Breed Apart by Slogun, and  Justmeat by Taint. All three releases are limited to 99 copies. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Atrax Morgue – Collection In Formaldeide In 1994 the activity of Slaughter Productions became more and more frantic, releasing many CD’s and tapes. In […]

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New and Forthcoming Titles From Arktos Media

New books available: A Europe of Nations by Markus Willinger, Zombology by Brian Anse Patrick, Suprahumanism by Daniel S. Forrest, An Anthology of Drug-Related Literature by Richard Rudgley, Secrets of Relationships by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. A Swedish Translation of Generation Identitet by Markus Willinger, A German translation of Europa der Vaterländer by Markus Willinger. Hardbacks of Alain de Benoist’s Carl […]

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Allerseelen – Aorta: Concerts, Forthcoming Releases and New T-shirts

“A civilization is destroyed only when its gods are destroyed.“ Emil Cioran. “The symbol of the empire” comes as a subtle act, a metaphoric expression attempting to highlight present-day forms of art, essences emerged from the ideational affirmations of a civilization, transmitted by symbols and reason, and spiced with the lucid sarcasm born out of […]

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Chrome Feel it like a Scientist

Chrome – Feel it Like a Scientist

Listen up, all of you UFO nuts with your conspiracy theories about the Earth having been or being visited by extraterrestrials, whether it be the Greys, the Annunaki or those nameless ancient aliens who visited the Aztecs, Mayans, and Egyptians, because I’m here to tell you that, yes, we have indeed been visited by an […]

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